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Rhomboid and Trap Fascia Release – For Mid-Back Shoulder Knots, Neck and Spine Relief

By December 23, 2019 2 Comments

We’re releasing this video on December 23rd 2019, and I chose this video as my Christmas gift to you. Ha! I know so many of you that will love love LOVE this one, and it’s actually an UPGRADE on an old technique I taught on YouTube and the blog in 2015. 

IMPORTANT: Please consider doing some other upper body techniques FIRST, before you choose this one. I know, I know…it’s SO tempting to go straight to these knots, because they ache and they have your attention every day and this is one of the few techniques that feels pretty GOOOOOD….and: your back, from a fascial perspective, is actually getting overstretched most of the time, which is WHY there are so many knots in there. 

I highly encourage you to address the shortened, contracted, understretched tissue first. That means your biceps, chest, SCMs and scalenes

After you do the front side of your body, enjoy this rhomboid and trap release to your heart’s content 🙂 

It’s best to follow along on this one – words won’t do it justice. Watch, follow along and let me know how it feels after you do this one. 

Happy Holidays!


  • L says:

    Tip for keeping the ball in place. I always put my ball in a crew sock. It stays in place, on the floor, against the wall etc.

  • Kate Murphy says:

    Really great information, Elisha! I will have to do the anterior ones first, as I appreciate your explanation of this. And, L, thanks for the sock tip!

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