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Your Fascia, Nervous System, Pain Questions Answered

I’m back! Thank you for all the support in August when we announced our 4 week break, and thank you to everyone who sent in questions.  This video is a rapid fire Q&A answering

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Why I NEVER Recommend Foam Rolling The Low Back (And What To Do Instead)

If you are currently experiencing low back of ANY kind: STOP FOAM ROLLING YOUR LOW BACK I never ever recommend foam rolling the low back (for any reason), but if you’re experiencing low back pain

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The #1 Surprising Cause of Pain – From Plantar Fasciitis to Knee, Hip, Low Back Pain & Shoulder Issues

Do you ever wonder WHY pain happens? When it hits we’re often shocked because it seemed to come out of nowhere. People use terms like “I threw out my back” even if they were doing something

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