The Densification of the Human Being – Modern Materialism and the Loss of Total Body Water Content

Newborn babies are (there is debate about this) anywhere from 75-93% WATER (total body water or TBW). As we move from infancy into adulthood our bodies have to build and grow structures like bones, ligaments, tendons etc. 

Human adults are supposed to be UP TO 70% water, with researchers putting totals between 50-70%. I theorize that most human adults (who haven’t measured TBW) hover around 45-50% (more on this in a moment). Regardless of numbers or percentages, I think we’re far lower than is POSSIBLE. 

Where does total body water live in a human being? 

Primarily TWO places:

1) The extracellular matrix (part of the fascial system), from which the cells in a human body “drink” or imbibe water. The ECM is like the water well AND nutrient storehouse of the human body, in addition to being a primary waste elimination channel by which every cell can “dump” its waste and have it ushered out of the body. Think about flushing your toilet – that waste system wouldn’t work very well without water. 

2) Intracellular environment – the cells that make up a human body have to take water into themselves to function, and if they lose access to water they lose function. That water needs to have the right “electrical” charge for proper function, too.

Every cell in the human body needs water to function. 

As we age, we become more and more dense or “fibrous.” 

There are two “building blocks” of the human body that have received a lot of attention lately:

1. Collagen – the most abundant protein in the human body, of which your tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue are primarily composed. Collagen creates a measure of density (which we need), but it is kept in balance by other critical elements. Namely…

2. Hyaluronic acid, or HA – assists in fascia, muscle and joint “gliding” because it provides fluidity due to its high water content. HA “imbibes” the water you drink, and exists mostly in the ECM (where cells go to take water into themselves). 

Without a high hyaluronic acid content, cellular hydration diminishes. 

My theory – that most human adults hover around 45-50% water – is based on the primary purpose of fascia release I’ve been doing with clients since 2008: rehydration of the fascial system. 

When I first start working with someone, their fascial system is often very dense, fibrous, full of adhesions and restrictions. Every person I work with has unhealthy fascia to some degree. 

WHY? What causes this “densification?” 

I used to think it was primarily trauma, stress and how we hold ourselves (the shapes we take most often, aka our sports and lifestyle habits). 

But as I’ve come to learn more and more about the WATER component of fascia, it has led me to looking into other causes of water loss and densification. 

These are the things that have my attention:

1) Chemical toxicity. We’ve introduced about 84,000 chemicals into human society in the last 150 years, from DDT to agent orange to sodium benzoate and glyphosate. The more toxic we become, the more likely it is we will use up our body’s water content just trying to keep up with the demand for water to flush toxic waste out of cells and out of the body. 

2) EMFs. We’ve introduced electrical frequencies into human societies in ways that profoundly differ from just 100 years ago. Human beings are electrical in nature, we transmit frequencies and are impacted by them. Then there is your own self-generated electromagnetic field, which is created in part by the thoughts you think, what is in your heart, your emotions and consciousness. 

3) Contraction of human consciousness, or “densification” of human thinking, feeling and behavior that is not FREE. Materialistic thinking – reducing the human being and nature down to its smallest parts like atoms and molecules without also including the WHOLE, and the spiritual. This has caused a spiritual “densification” that perpetuates physical densification due to natural law – as above, so below. What we think we become. Our bodies reflect who we are. This in turn becomes a viscous cycle, where the more dense our thinking and our consciousness, the more physically dense we become as well. 

Now, I can’t talk about #1 without mentioning that it’s not just the chemicals we take into ourselves; the densification of the human being is also due to the loss of biodiversity in our microbiome and the microbiome of mother earth. When we spray glyphosate on farms, for example, we eliminate nature’s preventive medicine in the form of amino acids, proteins, hormones etc that we should be eating and receiving benefit from in the form of critical building blocks for sustaining human life in a physical body. See this brilliant talk by Zach Bush for more of the science and details behind this

The more toxic the soil becomes, the more toxic and devoid of preventive medicine our food and the more toxins enter our bodies that will need to be taken care of. This becomes a viscous cycle however, because we’re increasingly lacking the nutrients and cellular pathways necessary for efficient detoxification. And the less water that is available, the more toxic waste builds up inside of us. 

Think chronic inflammation, gut issues, fatigue, brain fog etc. This can become a viscous cycle and illness cascade if the TBW (and “soil” environment inside and outside of us) is not restored. 

Let’s talk about EMF’s – can they cause the water in a human body to structure itself in harmful ways to our health? I don’t claim to have “the” answer, but initial research suggests – yes.

If you’re at all into metaphysics and consciousness theory, this may be interesting to you:

Neurons, or nerve cells (which are a basic part of the human nervous system) are “surrounded by water molecules, which change orientation in the presence of an electric charge.” (Sylvie Roke). 

I believe that the higher and more appropriately “structured” our water content (naturally charged), the better (faster or more efficient) our brain/body communication, and perhaps – our consciousness. Thoughts/sensations/emotions/instincts/intuitions would all travel faster through a water rich environment, vs a dense fibrous one. 

The higher your TBW, the more likely you are to be “psychic” (aka, receptive to electrical messages). 

The “denser” a person becomes, the more susceptible to injury, pain, anxiety and potentially mood disorders. Probably illness too, though I am no doctor so I don’t claim expertise in that area. 

A tendon or ligament that’s brittle and lacking water content will “tear” more easily. 

It could also be theorized that the “denser” a person is, the less freely their nerve impulses will travel (thoughts, feelings, sensations, instincts, intuitions etc). 

Maybe there’s something to the old adage “don’t be dense” or “thick headed” ?! 

The human brain itself REQUIRES water to function well since it is up to 80% water. 

It might even be said that TO REMAIN HUMAN, we need to care for and maintain a healthy and high total body water content. 

So what is the solution? 

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just drinking more water. If your ECM doesn’t have a lot of hyaluronic acid, there won’t be anything in your “soil” that can absorb that water you’re drinking. Have you ever had a houseplant whose soil just eroded and became brittle? Watering that plant will be next to impossible, the water just runs straight through. That’s what happens to you too. 

I don’t believe we can talk about full solutions to this very grave problem unless we address the enormous environmental toxicity issue and the poisoning of our soil, with all the health issues that face us downstream of this issue as mentioned above. 

So step #1 has to be this: get involved in regenerative farming. Either grow a garden yourself, and/or support a local regenerative farmer in your area. Organic is not enough, and may actually be worse (see this interview with Zach Bush for more info on this aspect). 

At the same time, what you will need to do personally is the following, in priority order:

  1. Get rid of all chemicals in your household – cleaning supplies, beauty products, cookware, bedding etc. The environmental working group has some helpful guides if this is new to you. Also, find organic clothing if possible (since your skin absorbs whatever is next to it, and most of our clothing is riddled with pesticides or nano-plastics). I’m switching all my clothes to organic cotton, hemp and wool.  
  2. Release as much fascia as possible all over your body, emphasizing compression and “shearing” which activates fasciacytes, which in turn synthesize (create) your own endogenous hyaluronic acid. 
  3. Drink quality water. Drink spring water whenever possible. Check out Find a Spring to see if there’s one near you. Or check out which filter we use in our house. 
  4. Buy food from regenerative/grass fed farmers whenever possible. 
  5. Be EMF aware – turn your WiFi off at night. Turn your phone to Airplane mode whenever you’re not using it. Here’s a possible resource for learning more
  6. Get in alignment with your core values, and live in integrity with yourself. This creates harmony in your own electromagnetic field. Don’t fall for the story that there are “negative” emotions. All emotions are natural, and suppressing any of them may actually backfire. Instead, focus on being the observer of your emotions, reactions and instincts. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but consciously direct your responses and your actions. And don’t “wallow” in any emotion, let them pass through you and then move on. 
  7. Move your body, and whenever possible do it in nature. BONUS points for grounding yourself by going barefoot. 

Please share your thoughts below! 

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  • Binra says:

    Your intuitive recognises trauma as the split mind of negatively _filtered_ feeling awareness. You see that this conditioned consciousness can ‘dump’ unresolved issues and conflicts onto the body – and onto others as false flags of diversionary displacement. All of which is a conflicted energy control system for a ‘surviving’ sense of escaping or overcoming core separation trauma – which are the split of a dis-integrity and the attempt to resolve it as a masking persona both to ourselves and seeking reinforcement from others.
    In the same way, collective expressions of unwillingness to face conflicts and consequences of guilted fear, generate cover stories to hide or divert responsibility, such as to flag toxicity to contagious pathogens (guilted fear expects to be sought out and exposed), and to reinforce the story as ‘official’ or ‘real’ by heavily investing in it as a basis for engaging in mask of virtue that manipulates sympathy and support, and thus deters challenge and criticism. The invested identity – founded in fear of exposure or loss of face – now operates from an inertial fulcrum of automatic off-centred ‘self-interest’ to protect the split as if the split is the basis for self and survival – which in the frame of the filtering belief, it is.
    The automatic development of ‘control mentality’ as a private self masked in ‘virtue’ or self and group justifying grievance, operates as power struggle in our world – as distinct from relational communications from which outcomes are uncovered through a willingness to both listen and speak as we are truly moved – which is a shared expression of trusting our being – or indeed ‘That which is being us’ – as distinct for a possessive sense of self control as an attempt to fit life to our imaged sense of self and world – which indeed sets structure over movement and communication and ‘separates, conflicts and manages us to death’.
    ‘Truth will out’ – because illusions are temporary – no matter how intensely and ingeniously defended – and so de-construct to reveal what lies beneath. The patterns of this can be woven into identity for ‘getting’ such as to profit from destruction or undermine structures simply to suck out assets, energy and ‘neutralise threat’ to the capacity to consolidate such identity as a narrative dictate set to weaken, undermine and eradicate any identity that does not give the knee in allegiance to guilted fear as power over life.

    So I see this as what the human experience facilitates; the generation of a mind of choice under the imperatives of ‘survival’, that grows to the capacity to re-evaluate the foundation of self and life as ‘separate, guilted, or lacking worth, or wholeness of being with, and set against its own shadows or denied experience – that is active as our filtering interpretation of our world. Waking to nightmare or insanity would just be part of the same dream unless from a new point of awareness – that is within the moment at hand and yet not within our self-control bubble of defence.

    The movement of being – or being truly moved – knows and feels the qualities of being directly. This is more than a Homecoming – for the restoration of presence is of never truly having left, and thus is the point from which to live – rather than a point for getting to become validated or vindicated relative to a sense of lack that characterised loss of presence in the separation trauma of entering and adapting and acquiring the human experience. (The then reiterates as the script of patterns and themes of our life).
    It is the privilege of those who temporarily have more to extend to those who temporarily have less. Those who are heavily triggered by the mask are ‘poor in spirit’ and do not know their true Inherence in life and being. And in any moment of reactive identity – there go I – in need of your blessing because I deny myself under the mind of lack-driven getting, that knows not what it does.

    When I meet others who are in the willingness of releasing the disintegrity of the mask – so as to unselfconsciously align in transparency to being, then I feel a companioning in the heart, or the heart knows it has been met.

    Whatever the forms and complexities of our lives and our world, the true centring recognition of resonance is the ‘tuning fork’ or guidance for being. We are often framed in ‘choices’ that are already running off-centre and because they are social currency and habits of our own thought, we operate within them. False definitions served a temporary masking purpose that now gets in the way. Curiosity is the innocence of being in movement. And being in true movement is the relational uncovering of what we need in the moment that we need it. Thankyou for inspiring this reflection.

  • Janet says:

    Hi Jacky, i dont usually reply to posts, however fate maybe has intervened as i read about your bladder problem. I think this site may be helpful for you to explore if you havent gone down this route already https://thekitolife.com/ They are so brilliant and easy to chat with. Also just to say try Feldenkrais particularly Deborah Bowes for pelvic floor healing at Tiffany Sankarys website http://www.movementandcreativity.com Wishing you good health.

  • Janet says:

    Hello Elishia, loving your work as im on a similar journey. I wanted to share this healing technology with you as you seem so open and curious. They have 40 years of research and development into the human condition. Over the past 20 years i can say they have changed my life significantly for the better. I hope you get a chance to delve and they have a seminar this weekend to where they are going to say more on how they work to support our physical and spiritual journey on this planet. https://www.ichingsystems.net/

  • Adjeley Akwei says:

    YOU ARE 100% ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!!!! I have always thought this about our physical bodies. That the farther away we think we can get away from the spiritual aspect of our existence, the more we become tethered to the physical earth and gravity and we get heavier and denser until we become like dirt, the ground from where we came. Yet some of us aspire to be lighter in our thoughts and our beings. The un-densification of my physical self requires that I work with all aspects of myself: my mental self, my emotional self, my physical self, my spiritual self, all aspects need to be worked on. Once again, in your seemingly bumbling, humble way, you have articulated it so well. Thank you!

    • Adjeley – haha – “bumbling, humble way.” Yes, I do tend to meander my way to the point much of the time. I think this is because I don’t ever want to claim I “know what is so” about anything, but instead I want to share my process of thinking, theorizing and arriving at conclusions. I am so grateful you’re part of this community!

  • Jacklyninthebox says:

    Is it safe to go barefoot on the grass in my backyard?

    I enjoy every video you make. It’s taking time for me to watch and internalize my new journey.

    I’m single. How can I smash my FACIA on my own, is it possible? Can I use something heavy on my “heavy” fibrous upper arms to loosen them up. My body is size Medium my upper arms are size 2x. One arm has a “crease” in it. How? Don’t know. I’m highly sensitive about it.

    I realize this video is about hydration. I have a disease of the bladder: ICH: Interstitial Cystitis with Hunners Ulcers. Disabled 15+ years now. Never an easy moment with this pain.

    I drink 64+ Oz of Brittany filtered water a day, I have to, it helps with the pain.
    I also have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, (because of pain)… I found a yoga video that helps me get relief. Yay! Took me 12 yrs, but I found it.

    Thank You for all you do.

    I enjoy Dr. Zach Bush as well. I have used (am using now, won’t go a day without it) his product, RESTORE4Life everyday for 3 years.

    • Jacklyn – YES, very very safe to go barefoot on the grass! Though I always have to say I am not a doctor, so please don’t take this as medical advice. But as far as grounding and getting more aligned with your natural energies, going barefoot is wonderful. It will stimulate proprioception (balance and conducting movement), as well as give you benefits from earth’s natural electromagnetic field. As for releasing your fascia on your own – my blog is FULL of techniques you can do with foam rollers, balls etc. I’n glad you’re finding the answers you need to feel more at ease in your body!

  • >