Why I Ended The Kinetix Practitioner Program Early (No Graduates) and What This Means For The Future of Kinetix

Kinetix is the method I created in my private practice that “maps” the fascial and neural networks of a client’s body in order to make sense of pain and find the root cause. Kinetix is an evolving method that has been in development between myself and my body, as well as between myself, my clients and students since 2008. 

My first foray into teaching happened in 2015, when I spent “however long it would take” with 4 of my original students in Boulder, Colorado. We spent 5 and a half months together learning the ins and outs of what Kinetix is, and many more hours together after that playing, experimenting and helping each other optimize our own bodies. 

Up to that point I had developed the method intuitively and instinctively since 2008, without much conscious awareness of “why” I was doing what I was doing or why it worked so effectively for my clients. I will forever be indebted to these original 4 students, because they helped me learn what Kinetix is really about, and how to teach it. 

After this I tried different ways of teaching – like a week long retreat style or weekend workshops, and finally I came back to my roots of in depth study as the only way that made sense to me if we were going to produce skillful practitioners. 

In June 2019 the first ever Kinetix Practitioner Program opened for enrollment. We had 16 people join this 10 month program that would start in late September 2019 and run through June 2020. 

If we’re gauging success on pieces of paper (students achieving “Certified Practitioner” status) then this program was a total failure, with none of the 16 original students completing the program or achieving Practitioner status. Six of the original 16 students left the program or were asked to leave by me at different points, leaving us with ten students as of May 2020. At this point it became evident that these ten students, as a group, did not share the same vision I have for Kinetix. So I ended the program early. 

I am choosing to gauge success in terms of lessons learned and adaptations/evolutions in process, and in this respect it’s been a success. The lessons, however, have been exceptionally painful – for myself and many of these students. 

In this video I’ll share some of the lessons, how I’m growing through this and what this all means for the future of Kinetix. 

For the record, I think in our modern world we’re far too obsessed with exchanging money for pieces of paper, for titles or CEU’s. I think the health and healing world is suffering from a lack of quality control and true apprenticeship/mentorship. The latter takes time, discipline, humility and the courage to face our own demons.  

There’s so much interest in Kinetix, and I could make a lot of money teaching mechanically by focusing on the physical aspects of this version of fascia release. But I wouldn’t be able to live with myself, because this isn’t about money for me. 

I believe the world is breaking under the weight of all our unhealed pain, with so few places to turn to for real help; and releasing unskillful practitioners into this world would only exacerbate the issue. This is something I’ve talked about before called “the pickle we’re in.” 

We’re all so traumatized and looking for help, but because we haven’t faced our own traumas/pain…we often end up further traumatizing other people. Most professionals in the healing world haven’t fully excavated their own demons, which get projected onto clients/patients – which means they’re working with projections of their unconscious, instead of the person in front of them. 

Only by really freeing ourselves first can we become truly helpful to other people. 

I want to make something clear: Kinetix is NOT a proprietary method of fascia release that in and of itself produces results (relief) for pain. 

Kinetix is a method of opening feedback channels between a person’s body and their conscious mind; it’s about making the unconscious conscious; it’s about objective communication and data gathering (mapping), of pattern recognition and deep listening. The spirit of Kinetix is one of reverence for what a human being is, what a body is, and for pain as a necessary wake up call from a wiser source. That source might be your body, your higher self, the intelligence of nature or god. Whatever you want to call it, it’s vastly more intelligent than we are, and our job is to listen and discover “what is” that is asking to be made conscious.  

At its core, Kinetix is about partnership: partnership between each client and their body, with all that lives there – unconscious patterns, knotted up tissue, emotional reactions, beliefs, fears, traumas, dreams etc. 

There has to be a real partnership between practitioner and client as well. This requires trust. And trust is something rather subconscious and ethereal at first pass; but really, your trust in me depends on you “sensing” my own self trust, my boundaries and self-awareness. 

In order for a practitioner to really partner with someone else, they must go on their own journey first. We can only help people to the degree we’ve helped ourselves. We can only take people as far as we’ve gone ourselves – into our own subconscious, into our body and its deeper terrain; into sensation, emotions, fears, and patterns of delusion, self-betrayal and our own relationship to pain and freedom. 

Teaching the above has been no easy feat for me. Often, I feel like I’m pushing giant boulders up mountains; we toil and struggle uphill only to roll all the way back down and have to start over. I often wonder if it’s worth it, and think “why me?!” Why did this knowledge want to come through me, and why do I keep saying yes?

I cannot escape this mission. Whatever this is that wants to come through me has taken root, it will not let me go and it wants to grow me into someone worthy of bringing a better world into being. 

Kinetix has to be about self-knowledge first, and the creation of objective sense perception as the means by which we become worthy of working professionally with people in pain. Unless and until we cultivate objective sense perception, we will only ever work with our own projections onto clients; which means we’re really trying to heal ourselves. 

Objectivity is the means by which we become truly useful to another human being in need of healing.

If we are not objective we may actually do more harm than good. 

So while I don’t know exactly what the future of Kinetix looks like, I do know where it has to start. 

Please watch the video for my full story, if you’re interested in Kinetix (or my vision for a new paradigm when it comes to “professionals” in the healing arts). 

  • Linda says:

    I was surfing the Internet searching for any information relating to fascia and treatment and somehow came across your blog… I am so glad that I did.
    I’ve downloaded all your free resources and hope to learn more.
    I am fascinated with the body mind connection and have always believed in that.
    Thank you for being true to yourself and to others as well ….

    • Hi Linda – glad you found your way here! Keep sharing your thoughts as you make your way through some of my content, I love connecting with people who are passionate about all of this.

  • Heather Schwartz says:

    Hi Elisha,

    I’m so sad to hear this. I’m sorry it didn’t work out as planned. I remember when you announced the practitioner course and even though I wanted to take it (couldn’t at the time) I worried that I wouldn’t be a good candidate or that you would turn me down. I hope that when the time comes I can make you proud. I look forward to when things work out again because I believe in you and your work and I hope I learn everything I can from you.

    With love,


    • Hi Heather,

      Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts! I have felt like I need to film at least a handful of short follow-up thoughts to what people have written in response to this. I waited a week to share this video, wondering if it would do justice to what was on my mind and heart, but knowing I needed to update everyone. I’d like to film a version of what I’m about to share with you, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it…so I will share here too. For the record, I would never “give up” on anyone or “fire” them as a student if they were committed to Kinetix (and its mission) and willing to dig in and do the work.

      What happened with this group of students feels complex to try and share publicly, but in essence – due to no set timeline for guaranteed “certification,” made worse by the coronavirus lockdowns and our inability to meet for some of our planned weekend trainings, a “group energy” emerged where the dominant voices wanted some kind of guarantee of getting their weekends/certification based on money they paid me. This created an intense dialog about exchanging money with the expectation of “getting” something, vs opting in to an unknown path with trust and commitment. I’m looking for people who can trust the vision and path, even when there’s no guarantee of what lies ahead.

      When I ended the program, I brought an end to “the group.” What happened with individuals within the group would remain to be seen. It seems most of them are more interested in the physical only aspect, and will pursue it on their own or together.
      I hope this offers a little bit of clarity. Your humble and transparent worry about “not being good enough” already tells me you likely have the necessary humility to show up in just the right way. The only criteria that really matters to me is your willingness to be open about where you’re at, what’s coming up for you and the willingness to engage with whatever that is – whether it’s “not feeling good enough” or shoulder pain. To me, that’s the entire point – to allow what comes up within you and your body to teach you about YOUR path, your road blocks and what you must confront to find more freedom and build on your skills. But this is often very scary, because what comes up is personal/vulnerable. This isn’t even about “trauma” like so many people think. It’s about money fears and survival mode, it’s about communication and partnering with someone, it’s about how accurately you can “feel” with your feet…

      There may be a divine reason you didn’t join last year. I think you’ll be more drawn to how I desire to teach now, which will look a lot more like a martial arts academy than a “professional” program. You come for you first. Out of your own efforts and discipline, and in your own timing, you progress. No deadlines or pressure cookers for graduation or not. Stay tuned 🙂

  • Melissa B says:

    I wish I would have came across your enrollment for this class sooner. I emailed and was told you were full. Your techniques are intriguing but the self awareness is a HUGE added bonus to this kind of deep work. I completely agree with your philosophy on the approach you are taking and am glad you are standing your ground on your beliefs on how you know and want to spread your message and teachings to the world. I am still very interested in your teachings and hope that it wont actually take “years” for you to be ready to try this again!
    If you need a smaller group who has already done some self awareness I am open to being a participant as you grow and develop a focused approach to your teachings.

    I wish you the best! As you said self healing, growth and self awareness are the hardest things we will do/learn in this lifetime.

    • Hi Melissa,

      I trust the timing of things for all of us. And since Kinetix is now emerging into its newest evolution, maybe this is the right timing for you. I am giving myself a little time to sit in the not knowing and let the answers come organically, about how best to offer Kinetix to the world (and the right people). It will definitely NOT be years until then. My intention is that the professional aspect can emerge organically from the self-initiated personal freedom journey of each person who feels called to this work. So please stay tuned! Your attitude of self-ownership and doing the hardest work there is…is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much for chiming in!

  • Jillian S. says:

    Elisha –
    Thank you for your honest and humble video sharing what happened with the training. You are a trail blazer and that is often difficult. I purchased your Kinetix program for self care and partner work a couple of years ago and appreciate all your diligent and passionate work in putting that together.

    I was lucky to work with a Biodynamic Therapist for many years, which I told my friends was “working the issues out of the tissues”. I knew that traditional psychotherapy would never succeed in helping me to understand my deep bracing/holding patterns in my body and beliefs, so Biodynamic work was hands on, providing a safe space for me to feel my patterns and the discomfort/pain and with compassion, start to soften over time. I was thrilled to find your videos a two years ago and continue the self care work with the compression and shearing techniques you share (especially the quads/hip flexors). And I’m still amazed at how much “stuff” there is still in there to release, over and over again! But from having received the Biodynamic work and with the information in Kinetix videos, I know that I can be present with the intense sensations as my body processes at a mostly unconscious level.

    As a bodyworker of over 35 years, I have come to realize there is so much more happening in my own body and my clients’ bodies than we realize. At most of the trainings I attended over years, so many of the massage therapists were lacking in self care, so that instead of being able to focus on learning the techniques, more energy went to caring for the various partners in what was coming up. So a friend and I (who both regularly get bodywork) would only work with each other during one long training, even though we were told to switch partners frequently. So when I received your information that you were going to do a training last year my first thought was “you’re a brave gal” – and from what you shared in this video, it seems what I had concerns about, is what occurred: could the space be held for all that would come up? would there be enough time for processing as well as learning the techniques? with such an expensive investment there would be high expectations of “return” and could you provide “that” in this first group training?

    And, you were offering this training at a time when the whole planet is being forced to face the destructive consequences of how we are living on the planet and all the fear and rage about that is coming up for us to collectively look at and decide to do something different or die. The whole planet is primed to be triggered! I agree with you in that trying to keep the psychological and somatic way of processing in separate “lanes” is not feasible in that we are integrated beings. I just listened to Krista Tippett’s interview Resmaa Menakem on her “On Being” podcast and his offering of a way to start healing the trauma in ourselves first and thereby creating a bit of space where we can approach healing the racial trauma in our world. And he says it starts with feeling what is going on in our bodies, particularly the bracing/holding patterns of the psoas. He’s written a book called “My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathways to Mending our Hearts and Bodies”, which sounds like a perfect adjunct to the healing work you offer and wish to teach. I’m ordering the book today!

    Your honesty and integrity in all that your offer is to be commended. I feel like you’ve been a friend on my life’s journey these past two years even though this is the first time I’ve commented. What you have shared has made me think, rethink, ponder, explore and finally ooze out through my hands in my sessions with clients and though my breath and pores as I spend time with my roller and balls.
    Thank you, Dear One.

    • Hi Jillian,

      Wow – you’ve been around for two years and this is your first comment. Hi 😊 For the record, it is in my exchanges with people and getting to know you that my true inspiration sparks, and I am “fueled” to keep going here online. I’m so happy you took the time to share.

      I also said to myself last year “Uh oh, I hope I’m ready! I hope they’re ready!” While we were all consciously on the same page at the start, as I said in my email and in the video – some people say they want self-knowledge, but when it comes time to do the work not everyone’s ready. In a 1-1 situation with me, that’s never an issue. But with 16 students all on their own timelines, this is challenging (one of the things I can put in the bucket of “you don’t know what you don’t know”). Now I know a lot.

      I’m inspired to feel into what has rippled out from my little blog and YouTube channel into your life and from there (it sounds like) to your clients as well.

      Thank you for saying hello!

  • Caroline D says:

    Thank you for your humility, integrity and honesty-it was a long video but I learned a lot and a few lightbulbs went off for me: I was hoping to become a practitioner and applied last year, but for certain reasons, mostly finances, I did not join- I did take your pelvic instability class which for me was perfectly timed for quarantine (Plus my pelvic instability issues )and that in isolation I found a wonderful opportunity to deep dive into self discovery- during this class I realized I have much work to do and actually had the thought that – like you just outlined- “I am not sure I could be a Kinetix practitioner “ because of an idea I had during this class that perhaps I could not “hold space” for someone in a healing practice…that was one “ah-hah” moment-others are not really relevant, but I would like you to know that this modality is both incredibly effective at pain release, but also at uncovering (for me) the deeper unseen physiological and psychological issues-some of which I am unable to discern in the moment I am doing the self practice-I have learned to ask questions and to write and not to run- that this can take a long time to reveal and release and sometimes issues crop up again….you teach investigation, personal ownership of truth and personal power and listening to your higher self-at least that’s is how I experience your classes-seeking out and working through these issues and trauma IS THE HARDEST WORK I HAVE EVER DONE- you keep doing what you teach, the world needs it-I will keep learning and growing too, also because the world needs it-maybe now more than ever, the world needs everyone processing because it is forcing some many triggers at everyone….another lightbulb from your classes…..I digress….

    I know you know that When it is right it will work- much love and success to you and your partner. I love you and I am TRULY grateful to have found your Kinetix & Mobility Mastery YouTube & blogs.


    Caroline D

    • Caroline,

      THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing from your heart and giving me a glimpse into your own process and inquiry around being a Practitioner. Ironically, it may be precisely your humility and doubt that you have a “right” to b people on the healing path that TRULY qualifies you. You have articulated very beautifully what my true mission is: investigation, personal ownership, asking questions, not rushing towards answers, being with the pain and willingness to do the hardest work you’ll ever do when those feelings and subconscious patterns emerge. I am not going anywhere. In fact, I feel more creative and inspired than ever! So stay tuned…something will emerge from this that will create an opening for Kinetix to come into being in the right way. Big love back to you! 💛

  • Rita Franklin says:

    Hi Elisha. You are an exceptional teacher and person. I greatly admire your vulnerability in sharing your journey and your courage in presenting your values and principals so openly. Please keep us updated about any personal development classes you are offering as I have learned so very much about myself from you in the recent Pelvic Instability class. Thank you, Rita

    • Hi Rita – thank you for the kind words. I will definitely keep you posted on new developments…I’ve had so much inspiration strike me lately, it is evident I needed to free up my creativity! I look forward to meeting you again on the path 😊

  • Stacia Musleh says:

    Just love you. I do fascia release daily on myself. I’ve learned so much from you. You are truly gifted and have much to teach. Whether professionally or personally. Your wisdom is appreciated.

    • Hi Stacia – thank you for the kind words. I’m especially happy to hear that you’ve learned a lot that is benefitting you. I appreciate YOU also! 🙏🏽

  • KaT says:

    Watched Your Presentation in Its Entirety!! .. Commendably in Agreement on Every Point!! ..

    Self-accountability re ALL ~
    YOU certainly “owned up” re YOUR Part. TruLy Hope, any & all parties have been openly-honest with themselves as well as others re their “role(s).”

    Life Is A Learning Experience.
    We Never Stop Learning.
    Always Stop To Smell The FLowers❣

    A Blessing in disguise ~
    this current experience happened early enough in this segment of Path/Process 😉

    Kinetix is Evolving!! 💖💖💖


    “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

    ~ Joshua J. Marine – Author



    • KaT,

      Thank you for making me smile! Yes to challenges, yes to pain growing us, yes to ever evolving and saying yes to LIFE and where it wants to take us. 🌱💜

  • Daisy says:

    Would love to earn it at the personal level for self healing. I believe that my own issues are more on a personal level that have manifested in my body as we have talked with my frozen shoulder issue is usually seen manifested on a perhaps internal traumatic issue felt on a subconscious level. I definitely have taken steps to uncover my own personal situation that have uncovered the subconscious level that I didn’t even know existed. While I am still in extreme pain that has limited my physical ability and I so much want to get back to being able to do the things I love. I think this personal journey while has come at a cost of pain paints a bigger picture to opening up my mind deeper! I look forward to the journey ahead.

    On a side note I want to be one that reaches out to you and lets you know you have been inspirational and a true beacon on the journey of self discovery as in watching you through your videos grow and learn about your own personal feelings. Thank you for sharing you!

    • Daisy says:

      I meant to say learn not earn….it wouldn’t let me edit! 🙂

      • Hi Daisy,

        Thank you for your comments, I can hear a lot of self-ownership and openness to learn from your body in what you’ve shared here. That is the perfect place to be. I believe our bodies contain wisdom beyond anything our minds have to say, and allowing our bodies to grow and teach us creates opportunities that expand our world, internally and externally. I’m inspired to create something for those, like you, interested in Kinetix for personal healing first. So I hope you stay tuned 🙂

  • Joyce Cacchione says:

    Hi Elisha,
    I am always in awe of how you so generously give of your time especially in an age when every conversation is “on the clock” and how your belief system trumps everything. As practitioners whose ultimate goal is healing, our hearts are in the right place; it is at the perception level where distortion takes place. Because we give so freely of ourselves until we sense healing is taking place, we are perceived negatively.

    Having taken many educational programs/courses etc over my lifetime, I feel that what you as the student put into those courses is what you will get out of it. Shame on those students who place blame on the instructor (it is the rare case the teacher is at fault) for not succeeding. When have you ever taken a program (let’s say Massage Therapy) and there is a guarantee of successful completion? If you don’t do the work, you don’t graduate which translates into you don’t get certified and then can not sit for the boards to become licensed. Please re-think how you want to go about the Kinetix certification. I know of no program where you are given an open ended opportunity to “graduate” without paying a price.

    I would be interested in learning more details about the Kinetix program; I was very curious last year but both price and my shoulders issue stopped me at the time. Maybe by the time Kinetix is offered again, my shoulder muscle problems will be resolved.
    Thank you for openly sharing.

    • Hi Joyce, nice to hear from you here 🙂 I so loved getting to know you in the recent course. I agree 100% that we get what we put into anything in life, be it our body or a class or a relationship. And I take responsibility also for that as it relates to teaching Kinetix. My tendency sometimes is to over-give (overachieving giver lol), which can create overwhelm, pressure and the need for “release” in the receiver (especially if they have receiving issues that aren’t healed) which I believe is part of what occurred this past year.

      FYI, your shoulder pain would not be a disqualifier for learning Kinetix in my eyes, as your shoulder has something to teach you and any of us around you who are humble enough to make your body our teacher. That is the spirit of Kinetix I hoped to bring to life last year, that didn’t manifest with this group – that each body and human being inhabiting the body has something to teach us all.

      I do plan to initiate some kind of community learning experience around Kinetix, but the details are still emerging. Thank you so much for your love and support!

  • Meg Axelson says:

    Hi Elisha-
    First, I’m so sorry the class did not work out as intended. I actually applied last summer but had to hold off for family health issues. I had such high hopes for the students who were able to make the commitment at that time as I’m sure you did as well. I applaud your transparency and have always greatly admired your openness and honesty. I feel certain that you will be able to continue your mission to get kinetix out to those in need. This year has been quite a transition for all of us. It seems as though what we knew in 2019 and previously has been burnt to the ground. As we move forward as individuals, families, groups, nations, and as one world we have a great opportunity to make things better. And of course this applies to kinetix too. Your humility and ownership of responsibility provides a great place for us all to start again. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and opening your heart.

    • Hi Meg – You are absolutely right. In fact, if coronavirus had not happened I am pretty sure this class would have turned out differently. The inner and outer upheaval certainly brought all the latent issues to the surface, and as painful as it is I have agreed to let the old me and the old ways burn to the ground so something new can be born. I’ve always felt a kinship with you, and hope our paths cross again! I am certainly not done teaching Kinetix, just reimagining HOW to teach it.

  • Conrad Cook says:

    AWESOME Elisha….much respect for you.
    Your integrity and honesty transcends the ego and material world!

  • Julie Herrmann says:

    Hi Elisha! Just wondered where you are located and if you know if there any kinetic Therapist here in Michigan? I would be willing to come to you because like yourself I have tried everything and I’m currently trying to Chiropractor said he’s 100% sure he can help me and my next step was going to mail clinic. Please email me back and just let me know Where are you are located and I think you have a fantastic practice and thank you for sharing. Julie Herrmann

    • Hi Julie – right now we don’t have any Practitioners in Michigan. Now that I’m freed up (time-wise) from a rigorous teaching schedule, I AM open to working with clients 1-1 who are willing to travel to Durango, CO (unfortunately not a major city/easy destination…but it is beautiful this time of year!) Please email [email protected] if you’re interested and we can take it from there, would love to help if I can.

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