The Extracellular Matrix: A Gateway to Optimized Mind-body Communication, Cellular Nutrition, and Immunity

So what exactly is the ECM, what does it have to do with fascia, and why does it matter for your health and vitality?

We dive into that and more in this weeks video as I review some of the unique aspects of the ECM that are essential to look at if we want to have true cellular health and optimize our minds and bodies.

In a nutshell, the extracellular matrix is a gooey, gluey, watery substance composed of macromolecules like collagen, enzymes and glycoproteins. If you want all the science, I recommend searching the web, buying Anatomy Trains or anything by Carla Stacco.

Here’s my take on why this substance should matter to you: its a healthy ECM that allows your fascia to absorb mechanical stress or shock coming into the body.

When it’s healthy, your fascial system (composed in part of the ECM) can distribute a LOT of potentially dangerous force throughout your whole body, rather than any one location taking the hit (like falling on your hip or simply standing on your feet all day). It’s really the quality of your ECM that determines the “hydration” levels of your fascia (in addition to good blood flow).

The ECM is also intimately connected to (and correlated with) cellular hydration, nutrition, and health. And while there are numerous ways to improve cellular hydration and nutrition on of the most potent (and often overlooked) is fascia release. When you do effective fascia release you are using an outside force (combined with conscious deliberate movement) to stimulate a process in the ECM that hydrates your cells and provides nutrition from the outside in. 

A healthy ECM (especially in the gut) is also an essential component of immune system health. The ECM that lives in your gut makes up the thin protective lining that can make or break the health of your immune system. If you can optimize your fascia in this region (and the rest of your body) the implications for immune health are huge.

The healthier the fascia in your gut lining (and the ECM inside it) is healthy your immune system reaps the benefits and you become more resilient!

While the ECM has several specific attributes that contribute to health in important ways the overarching function is a communication network. This communication network is what allows your cells to communicate and get information from each other. As you might imagine, this cellular communication is extremely important and when the communication has gone away, the cells don’t get the hydration and nutrition they need, and illness and disease manifest themselves. Because the ECM lives within the fascia, fascia release can play a huge factor in a healthier ECM, healthier cells, and ultimately a healthier you.

All of the resources here at Mobility Mastery can help you restore youthful fluidity, glide and cellular hydration/nutrition so your total body water content is HIGH (at or around 70% of your mass) giving you the best chance at systemic improvements with pain, health, and resilience. 

Share your takeaways below, and let me know how you’re going to use this information to restore your health and vibrancy, I can’t wait to read your comments!

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