The FASTEST Way to Interrupt Nervous System Patterns or Neural Loops to Rewire The Mind and Body


Hey it’s Elisha, and welcome to our LAST video in this series all about nervous system patterns…otherwise known as our subconscious programming, neural loops, myelination pathways…etc. 

This video is about the fastest way to interrupt nervous system patterns and wire ourselves for freedom:

Freedom of thought.
Freedom of feelings – sensations, emotions and perceptions.
Freedom of behavior.
Freedom of movement.
Freedom of BEING.

Rather than your nervous system dictating your thinking, your feeling, your behaviors, movement potential or way of being in the world…

You can begin to consciously direct your own thinking, your emotions, sensations and perceptions, your behaviors and movement potential and come to a heightened awareness of your own being and what you are truly capable of physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. 

And while I do believe there are a great variety of ways to interrupt these patterns and create new ones…

The fastest way, in my admittedly biased opinion, is with Kinetix – my method of stepping on people.

I’ll describe to you how Kinetix can be so effective, and then – even if you don’t have a partner – you will know my formula. And maybe you can simulate these elements in some other way, to create the same effect. Or maybe this will inspire you to want to learn Kinetix with a partner…something that I committed to making more widely available starting in 2021. 

I have to also give this disclaimer: what I’m about to share with you goes against just about every “expert” opinion on the internet about how to heal trauma (I include nervous system patterns here) or work with fascia. 

I think many therapists or trauma experts would be horrified by what I’m about to say. That’s ok. You might be horrified too. That’s ok. I want to talk to those of you who believe there are multidimensional approaches to everything in life, and that one size doesn’t fit all. I offer a few options out of millions, and I’ve never claimed that what I offer is or should be for everyone. 

What follows is the fastest way to interrupt nervous system patterns that I am aware of…this is what has worked for me to heal intense childhood trauma, decades of knee pain, anxiety and more…but, doesn’t mean it will work for, OR IS EVEN THE RIGHT APPROACH FOR everyone. 

The first step in interrupting a nervous system pattern is to simulate or actually experience a triggering event. We can’t interrupt a nervous system pattern that’s not being expressed. That’s why trying to change ourselves neurologically by using our minds, or thinking, is almost impossible. By the time we encounter a triggering event, we’ve long forgotten what we were supposed to do instead of the same old same old, and our biology takes over.

But the really cool thing is…your FASCIA contains these patterns. Your body – with its myelination pathways and it’s neuroception, nociceptors, interoceptors, proprioceptors and exteroceptors…all housed within or wrapped in fascia – has WRITTEN INTO ITS tissues, these patterns.

When I step on someone, especially for the first time, I am contacting EVERYTHING that has been written into that person’s nervous system and physiological response to potential threat.

This is how I can work with people via Kinetix to identify their primary nervous system patterns. The primary pattern is always enacted within seconds, then the secondary, tertiary and so on. Every one of us has MULTIPLE methods of self-protection, and some people deploy a dozen during a nervous system session with me.

So there is an assumption here – that stepping on people is almost always experienced as threatening. And I would say that this is true for MOST people who experience Kinetix for the first time. Maybe 20% of my clients, and I was one of these people myself, LOVE the feeling of being stepped on. I believe it’s because these people either haven’t been hiding from themselves or they’ve worked up the courage to face their dark shit. They already uncovered what was lurking in the subconscious and none of it is scary or surprising by the time I contact that part of them with my foot. These people experience pleasure being stepped on because it’s enjoyable to be seen, to be contacted deeply, to sense our own body and being through powerful non-sexual touch. 

For these people, there’s not a lot to interrupt with Kinetix. 

But for everyone else, I would say the experience of getting stepped on – especially by me – is confronting. It’s intense. And it’s often experienced as mildly or moderately threatening.

And this is a good thing, because the ingredients necessary for interrupting nervous system patterns include NOVELTY, which Kinetix always is for new clients, and a SHOCK to the system that triggers the release of norepinephrine, or adrenaline. But more on that in a moment.

NOVELTY.  While we NEED a triggering event and the release of norepinephrine, for creating NEW neural pathways there’s nothing better than NOVELTY. Novelty interrupts nervous system patterns because it introduces unknown elements and forces us to respond in new ways. And as I mentioned, for most people Kinetix is novel. They’ve never been stepped on before.

We have to SHOCK our system. This cannot be faked, it has to be real. To interrupt nervous system patterns, we need to release norepinephrine or adrenaline, which created a whole body feeling of URGENCY – and without this element- interrupting nervous system patterns is next to – if not – impossible.

This is because we don’t actually integrate new information until we are in REM sleep, so during an event that requires we orient differently to our bodies or our world, our brains need a way to MARK acetylcholine synapses, aka the neural pathways that need to be changed. The nervous system marks those synapses via the release of norepinephrine and acetylcholine.

Then, when we go to sleep, the brain works to make the new changes in our BODIES – aka, our physiology, the structure with which we use sensory input to make sense of ourselves and the world.

I have to give a shoutout to Andrew Huberman – a neuroscientist – for this. I heard him talk about this in one of his interviews, I believe the one with Tom Bilyeu. So if you want to hear it from him, and I encourage you to because I’m not a neuroscientist and I make mistakes sometimes so hopefully this science is correct, but please go find that video or follow him on IG if you want to hear it from him.

The process he describes in his interviews is exactly what I’ve been using in my private practice for years.

I have more steps to talk about, but i want to take a pause and challenge you to really think about what I just shared.

If, biologically, our bodies and brains require that we experience an event that triggers the release of norepinephrine or adrenaline in order to interrupt nervous system patterns or neural loops…how successful do you think all these methods are that prioritize safety, gentleness and above all avoiding triggering someone’s trauma response?

Nervous system patterns are TRAUMA responses, and trauma stuck in the body IS our collection of nervous system patterns that dictate our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors.

MOVEMENT. It’s extremely useful if we involve our bodies and include movement.

This requires brain body communication and coordination, and involves several nervous system components at once: proprioception and neuroception, but also nociception, interoception and exteroception.

Proprioception is the brain or nervous system’s ability to detect our physical body in space, and then conduct movement within a particular space. For example, it’s imperative that we know when we’re on a gymnastics balance beam, for example, vs rock climbing vs taking a stroll on the beach barefoot hand in hand with a lover. 

Neuroception is our ability to sense whether a situation, or the people we’re around, are safe, dangerous or life threatening.

With Kinetix, we’re not only triggering any subconscious patterns of proprioception and neuroception, but also exteroception, nociception and most importantly…interoception and neuroception.

Interoception is our ability to SENSE ourselves on the inside. To feel our heart beating and slow it down. To cue breathing or digestion, feelings of being too cold or too hot which prompt us to get a sweater or turn the AC on.

When you get stepped on, you are instantly put in touch with all of these communication networks within your body, and because YOU have to conduct the movement of your own body – under duress, or while the adrenaline or norepinephrine is surging – we are marking physical territory for change while totally interrupting whatever was there to begin with.

And because another person is involved, there is also the potential to trigger and interrupt old neuroception patterns, or anything triggering related to human connection.

The beautiful thing is, we do ALL of this without needing to talk about it or think about it or even figure anything out with our minds…although we CAN do that if we want to. 

We have to choose a replacement pattern. How does this happen with Kinetix? This is one of my FAVORITE aspects of Kinetix actually – but it’s not without risk. This is the art of Kinetix. The rest is science. And this happens with my clients without us ever talking about what to replace their old patterns with…it just happens naturally.

Most of our traumas or wounds around safety and being ourselves were created in relationship to another person. SO – we really must create new patterns in relationship with another person. It’s really difficult to do this on our own. For example, with self help fascia release.

When I hold non-judgmental space for my clients, and SENSE what they need to feel and hear from me during a session…

They feel seen. Maybe for the first time in their lives. Maybe totally unconsciously, because this isn’t always something I talk about with clients…it’s just something I do. Most of the time it’s FELT rather than talked about.

When I step on someone’s adductor, for example, with my full bodyweight…and I sense that they are freaking out but don’t want to tell me because they don’t want to look weak (ahem, this is a nervous system pattern), I can adjust my weight if necessary but if I can I match their internal intensity with MY external intensity, inviting them to externalize what they’re feeling inside. I might get really loud and start cheering them; I might tell them “you got this” or “you can totally do this, just 20 seconds to go.”

And in these experiences, we get to rewrite what happened in childhood…when people generally did NOT see us, didn’t cheerlead us when we needed them to, didn’t help us through something hard so we could find out how courageous we really are or STOPPED pushing us when we needed to slow down.

And I know it might sound trite to talk about courage in relationship to bodywork, but personally I think the scariest thing on this planet for most of us is to face fully is – OURSELVES.

To know what’s in our subconscious. To look at ourselves honestly. To take stock of our life so far, and hold ourselves accountable – to the past, present and our future dreams.

So I treat bodies like the holy grail of being human. I believe they contain our sacred eternal soul. I believe bodies know all of our secrets, and when I step on you, I’m contacting all of your humanness, all of your secrets, your soul. And I hold it sacred.

And sometimes I get it wrong and someone doesn’t feel seen. I feel awful when that happens, but I’m human…so I learn from those experiences in order to build my database of seeing a great diversity of human beings as they truly are inside, not the polished armor or facade we show most people.

Being seen is the best pattern interrupt of all time.

So is courage. And doing hard things. And celebrating the wins. 

So I always make sure to celebrate the HECK out of every hard experience my clients have, or every good result.

We laugh, we cry, we hug, we high five. Sometimes we become good friends through these experiences, because let me tell you…getting to know someone’s body means getting to know their soul and spirit. It’s deeply bonding.

But only if you approach people and bodies with reverence, devotion and unconditional presence for who they actually are…shadows and traumas, fears, dreams, quirks and all. 

I know that wasn’t the cleanest list. So let’s recap:

The fastest way to interrupt nervous system patterns and create new ones:

  1. Simulate or actually experience an event that triggers the nervous system pattern or patterns you want to interrupt and replace. 
  2. Introduce novelty. 
  3. SHOCK your system so much that you release norepinephrine or adrenaline, so your brain can mark the changes it will make permanent when you sleep that night.
  4. Move your body, ideally under some kind of beneficial duress or challenge that brings your attention – or consciousness – to the INSIDES of your body as you move. Hence, why fascia release and Kinetix in particular are so powerful for this. 
  5. Choose a replacement pattern. Create sensations and emotions that you aspire to, versus the old sensations and emotions you automated before. So, if you used to resist hard things and always take the path of least resistance, then say yes to the hard thing, summon some courage, FEEL that courage coursing through your veins and maybe you’ll also feel PROUD of yourself. These are the emotions and sensations you’re replacing old patterns of fear with. Celebrate your wins, and make it a FULL BODY EXPERIENCE. This is super important. Your nervous system will love the dopamine rush and want to do this again…and again. So if you celebrate the heck out of every win, you’ll train your nervous system to do hard things without resistance and create a self-reward pattern that propels you to greatness in your life. Whatever that means for you. 
  6. Most importantly, try to do these things with another human being. Remember, we created MOST of our unhelpful patterns when we didn’t feel safe with other people, so it’s unlikely you will trigger your most stubborn patterns in your own company. You’ll need a person to help create new patterns in relationship to who you are in the presence of other humans. 
  7. And finally – if you can do ALL OF THE ABOVE AT ONCE – THIS is the fastest way to change a nervous system pattern. If you do ONE of these, you *MIGHT* interrupt a pattern. Probably not. If you do several of these at once, your chances improve dramatically. But if you do ALL OF THEM at once, you will rapidly create neuroplasticity in your body and nervous system. Kinetix can achieve all of these at once, and I haven’t yet experienced something else that can do the same. Maybe it exists, but I haven’t found it yet.  

I’m curious if you can see how challenging it would be to do this with yourself, using a foam roller. Doing self-help, our patterns of relationship to SELF kicks in right away, but NO PATTERNS around other people get activated.

Doing this with another person, the stakes are higher but we also have support and encouragement and another brain, because we tend to lose our brains when interrupting nervous system patterns with fascia release….and that’s the whole point!

I often have to get loud and coach people with a lot of energy just to get through to them that they need to extend their leg, or rotate their arm or whatever it is they’re supposed to be doing. THIS is what interrupts those neural loops – losing your brain, and then finding it again under new circumstances. 

I believe THIS is how we heal – in partnership, in community, in the presence of another human being who invites us into being fully human ourselves. I’ve never experienced that in a “professional” setting. I’ve probably crossed the professional line too many times to count with my own clients. We sweat, swear, laugh, cry, hug and tell stories together. We celebrate our humanness together. 

Find a way to do this in your own life, and you’ll begin to interrupt these old patterns and create new ones. 

And if you’re interested in learning Kinetix with me in 2021, please check the description box for a link to get on my waitlist for a new offering next year that is centered around everything I’ve talked about in this nervous system series – patterns of belief, though, trauma, physical pain, getting to know your body, creating partnership and freedom…

I’ve really enjoyed creating this series for you on nervous system patterns. 

And with this last one I hoped to show you, through a small glimpse, how I learned what I have about the nervous system and neuroplasticity, in partnership with my clients.

Thank you for joining me!

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  • Kathleen says:

    Hi Elisha —
    Everything I am reading & watching on Youtube from you is so deeply resonate and I think my missing link for my chronic pain (childhood accidents/falls, childhood & adulthood CPTSD, narcisstic abuse, scapegoated & a HSP; 13 years of recurring lumbar disc injuries, SI joint issues; former athlete) and chronic emotional flashbacks/dysregulation/ adrenalized state/ fear/adrenal fatigue.
    Thank you so much for all of the information and your dedication to this. How can I work with you in person?
    Gratitude & infinite blessings,

  • Diana says:

    I love everything you had to say. Bravo!

    • Hey Diana – thank you for stopping by to watch/read. I’m so glad you loved this 😊

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