The FREEDOM You Seek Will Cost You Your Old Self – How Hard Truth(s) Will Set You FREE

There’s only ONE thing that will allow you to heal and find freedom: naming the TRUTH. The problem is, the truth is often painful, confronting and uncomfortable.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end OR the delivery end of words like “I’m not in love with you anymore,” or you’ve decided to start working out after a long period of inactivity – you know what I’m talking about. The truth hurts. It can also liberate us. 

I’m not talking about some universal existential “truth” here, I’m talking about YOUR truth, and the truth between you and your body. And yes, there are layers to your truth. 

When you’re willing to see and name the truth of where you’re at physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…you can heal anything.

When you’re courageous enough to face what’s really going on HEAD ON – you can heal anything. 

Most of us tend to avoid whatever’s uncomfortable, scary, unknown. Often, the truth is painful so it makes sense that we’d avoid it. I encourage you to begin EMBRACING all pain that shows up in your life, because with it comes opportunity: to learn, evolve, adapt, let go of something old that’s holding you back; to have more freedom, self awareness…the list goes on. 

How much discomfort can you tolerate before your instinct is to self-protect? 

The more comfortable you can get with discomfort and uncertainty, the more you embrace the journey of self-awareness and naming things as they are – the less pain you’ll have in life. 

What’s your body trying to tell you? 

What truth is your body trying to get you to see, and name? 

Your body houses your subconscious, which is your entire life’s memory bank and also generates all of your unconscious patterns that you act out on autopilot. Your nervous system plays a primary role here. 

I believe our bodies are always trying to raise our consciousness by bringing to light what has up to now been buried in our subconscious. Sure, this sounds kind of woo-woo, and I definitely mean it in that sense. I believe our bodies try to get our attention about all kinds of things, including whether we’re living on purpose, speaking our truth or in denial about our past or current life experiences. I also believe our bodies get our attention about PHYSICAL issues that we need to see, name and address. 

I see a LOT of people using the power of neuroplasticity via the power of BELIEF to BYPASS the physical and enter bliss, abundance, painlessness…without ever taking into consideration that we live in a PHYSICAL BODY, on the PHYSICAL EARTH…and this physical world has laws too. 

Sometimes, the truth we need to face is as simple as this: your calf fascia is so tight from unused fight/flight, genetics and a decade of gymnastics that it’s pulling your patella off track causing that sharp stabbing pain when you try to run. 

Other times the truth we need to face is more ominous and hard to look at: maybe you have unhealed trauma, maybe you’ve been avoiding speaking your truth or doing what you KNOW you need to do to feel fulfilled in your relationship, or career. 

Only when we get to the BOTTOM of it can we make the journey upwards again. 

How do you know what that truth is, and how do you find it? 

First, you have to seek it; you have to want to find it. To me this translates as: you’re ready to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (whatever “it” is). Knowing isn’t enough; if you’re not ready to take action on what you learn it will likely stay hidden from your consciousness. 

We avoid what we (subconsciously or consciously) aren’t ready to take action on. That’s the reason it’s below our level of awareness to begin with! At some point that truth got stored until we could make ourselves ready. 

Second, you have to be OPEN to the truth. If you have a lot of resistance to experimentation, being curious or WONDERING about yourself, chances are you’re not open (maybe you’re not ready to learn this layer of truth just yet). 

There’s a quote I love that states: “Truth is felt on the nervous system level.” 

Even if the truth is ugly, hard and ultimately painful…your nervous system will likely RELAX when you face and name it. 

You may discover layers of truth, peeling them back one at a time before getting to a deeper truth. For example, you may need to acknowledge that you’re scared of what you’ll learn; maybe you need to admit you’re not ready, that you’re more comfortable where you are. This is ok! At least you’re CHOOSING this consciously now. 

Start where you are, and you’ll get a lot further than trying to jump ahead. 

What truth is your body trying to get you to see and name right now? Is it physical, emotional, or something nebulous you feel is in your subconscious? 

If you’re feeling brave, please share below. We heal faster when we do it together, and I know your story will inspire someone else.  

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  • Lina says:

    Hi Elisha, I enjoy your videos, the authenticity and genuine stuff that shine through. The theme of truth is very close to my heart – as I matured I dared to be bold and more honest towards others, not playing nice anymore out of fear to hurt someone’s feelings or being disliked..(nice little girl syndrome) It is liberating and thrilling at times, even though you risk loosing friends etc. You become fussy who you wanna be surrounded by… I also find nature is the best teacher in truth. As humanity has chosen technocratic path, our minds got conditioned by current systems and quite often out of tune with who we really are and what is the truth.. Nature never lies, we all know how healing it is to step out into the wild or simply walk on the beach…so in these pure surrounds it’s also easier to connect to our core truth. Much love, Lina

    • Hi Lina, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! I completely agree with you. We all are faced with risk-reward decisions regarding our own self expression, connection to friends and family, health etc. And “truth” is multi-layered, right? Truth is my compass, and it’s been a windy road with no end in sight. I’m with you on the nature piece too. I feel my most authentic when I’m in nature. Also though, I love to remind people that our BODIES are nature…and they don’t lie either.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Elisha, Great video. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I think my body is trying to tell me. I believe my physical pain I’m experiencing is a pinched nerve in my right shoulder causing neck pain and upper arm down to my elbows pain, mostly on my right side but certainly my left side is effected as well. That said, part of my conscience is telling me I’m getting older (I’m 62). But deep down I think my bad posture is catching up with me. Rounded shoulders, I have to admit, has been a problem of mine since I was 16 but that said who pays attention to that when you’re 16. But I truly believe I need to correct my posture, and that I’m working on, but my stiff right shoulder is still an issue. I feel my pain issues are complicated and yes, I am ready to take action. As a whole, I need to work on all aspects of my being. My resistance, if I can pinpoint something, is that I am struggling with letting go of my bad eating habits. As much as I’ve made some great progress in working towards healthy eating, part of me always regresses, little by little. Like I’m missing out on something. So I regress. Your videos are moving me forward in small incremental ways, as is my daughter, who has gotten my husband and I on a good path to healthy eating. But I allow my bad habits to creep in. Which I understand only I can change. I wil try my best to keep moving in the right direction, being aware that my choices are made with a conscience mind. Thanks for listening. Sharon from Danbury, CT

    • Hi Sharon – thank you for sharing! What you’ve named is powerful, and might feel vulnerable. So I salute you in sharing bravely. We ALL have these promises we want to make ourselves, and it’s rarely (ever?) a straight road. I wonder – do you have a history of self-betrayal, where you neglect what you know you need to do for YOU in order to maintain connection with family/friends/husband? This is something I’m looking at in myself, which I believe is tied to not following through on certain things. You’re doing GOOD WORK! I’m supporting you from afar!

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