The ONE simple trick to feeling at home in your body RIGHT NOW

Tension, anxiety, fascial restriction, clenching your jaw, sucking in your belly, knots in your gut…so much of physical discomfort arises due to one major pattern: resisting what you feel or pretending to be one way when you’re really another (pretending to be happy when you’re sad).

Your body is the first to FEEL emotions for you, and since emotions (all of them) are inherently vulnerable we humans have a tendency to PUSH THEM DOWN, resist them, disown them or pretend they don’t exist. We try to mind over matter, but that rarely goes well in my experience.

Instead, you can work WITH your biology, with your body. When you slow down and summon the courage to name and feel what is, as it is, right now…your body will relax. Despite common misperceptions that so called “negative” emotions like anger, grief, shame, and fear don’t feel good (and some people claim they’re not good for you),

Your entire nervous system will relax when you name and feel the TRUTH.

The trick here is to name and feel what is, without making it worse or better than it actually is AND without making up grandiose stories about what you’re feeling. Allow your feelings to happen…and you’ll feel more at home in your body instantly.

There are a million ways to ACT on what you feel, and that’s not the purpose of this video so please understand this is a tiny little action with big reward potential, but it’s not the only action or step you can take to feel at home in your body.

I’m curious though – if you allow yourself to name and feel what is, right now, what happens in your body?

Share your thoughts by commenting below, I love hearing from you!

  • Jodi says:

    Not sure if I’m doing this correctly, but it’s an ongoing, nagging pain in my hip/glute/groin. It pisses me off. It exhausts me. It perplexes me. It reminds me that I’m not perfect.

    • Ha. I get that side of things too. But in order to help your body, you have to learn to speak its language, and respect its rules. And unfortunately, it seems like the more pissed we get at our bodies – the less they cooperate, no? Your body is allowed to give you a pain signal if it thinks you’re in danger. Your job is to figure out what the threat is and take care of it. When you do, your body will thank you with no pain. For hip/glute/groin pain, I recommend going after your high quad hip flexor fascia, and/or your adductor fascia. There’s a search function on this blog you can use to find those posts! Good luck 🙂

    • Irina says:

      Try to practice self-compassion. It’s not a fluffy concept, there is plenty of research indicating that an individuals who practice self-compassion are able to sit with themselves through discomfort in the same way they would sit with a friend who is going through a hard time, by allowing difficult emotions and sensations, including pain, to be processed and meeting them with kindness and understanding. Research in this are is largely led by the University of Texas researcher Dr.Kristin Neff. Check out her Ted talk and othe videos on YouTube. I also find that self-compassion quided meditations help enormously when pain flares up. Good luck!

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