The SECRET to healing faster, trusting your body and adventuring with confidence

Do you BELIEVE you can heal? Do you believe you deserve health? Adventure? Feeling at home in your body?

While I definitely believe pain is part of life, and this will always be true (until we outgrow the need for pain to learn and evolve) that doesn’t mean staying in pain your whole life. Pain is an opportunity to dig deep and find out what you’re made of.

If you’re currently struggling with pain, the #1 most important ingredient for you to heal faster is the unwavering belief that you can and WILL.

I’m not suggesting you bulldoze over your fears and try to mind over matter this. What I’m suggesting is that you get really honest with yourself. I can’t tell you how many people want their pain to go away, but at the same time their mind is made up that they’ve “tried everything” and “nothing has worked.” This is always an indication to me that something else is going on.

Your body might actually be trying to alert you to a subconscious (or conscious) belief that is creating a less than ideal life situation for you. If you don’t believe you can heal, then chances are you also don’t believe you can feel good. Why?

Most often this comes down to patterns that were created in childhood. Your nervous system is running a loop of fear and danger, believing danger is ever-present – which means you need to be on high alert, rather than relaxed, confident, trusting.

The solution here can be complex and individual, but the first step is admitting the truth.

Try journaling about this, talk to a trusted friend or find someone (a professional) who understand the psychology of pain. I believe you can heal! I believe there are no limits to how GOOD you can feel. I also believe your body is reflecting to you something critical that needs to change IN ORDER for you to heal and feel good.

Share your aha or experience with this below. Got questions? Ask ‘em below! I love talking to you.

  • Irina says:

    Hi Elisha, thank you for asking this question. My answer is “yes”, I believe I can heal, particularly now, after seeing your videos and trying some of your techniques. However, I arrived at this state of believe from a very low point of despair 15 months ago, when the sixties were scratching their heads and telling me to take opioids. I refused and embarked on my own journey of discovery via TMS theory and books, Curable app for chronic pain sufferers and research papers. They did help me to dig myself out of the deep hole of despair and start hoping again, I learned to control my fear and calm myself down on bad days and not to catostrophyse the pain, but I can’t say that all doubt disappeared. I worked hard on journaling, meditation, CBT techniques etc, but ,y self-critic was still there. Watching your first video on YouTube was the moment when something clicked and I felt that I found the missing piece in my the healing puzzle. Let’s go for it! I now feel, that I have the full arsenal at my disposal.

    • YES! Personally, I actually believe we find our full faith when we allow ourselves to follow fear all the way down to its bottom. Which is terrifying. But then liberating because we know what’s down there and it’s not some scary unknown black hole. So excited that you feel you have the full arsenal at your disposal! I can’t wait to hear about your trekking trips and those hedgehogs disappearing back into the wild 😉 hahaha. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aileen Robertson says:

    Dear Elisha,
    The truth is that I’m skeptical, feeling as though what I’m doing is as good as it gets. Amazingly, I just told my stepping partner Toby yesterday that we have to believe it’s working. Thinking positively about life has ALWAYS been difficult but today I’m making the choice, and every day after that to believe. Truth is I believe that in the 5 days of your program, I believe something is changing. Thank you.

    • Wonderful Aileen! You’re so welcome. I read your email too by the way, thank you for sharing. I’m cheering you and Toby on!

  • Karlicia D. Berry says:

    So to explain a bit more. I have had Lyme Disease with co infections for over 14 years. A doc gave me some medicine to treat it that put me in a chair for over two years. Too painful to move. And being immobile for two years has had its consequences. I have been studying fasica and found your site that way. I really like what you have to say and teach. As I told someone recently, rediscovering my body right now, is like going back to look at a home you used to live in. When you left, it was in great repair. Coming back, the garage door doesn’t open anymore, the screen has a broken hinge, the paint is peeling and the carpet needs to be replace. All the plants you planted have withered up and died. It is a shocker! Anyway I think having the will to heal, doing all the hard work day in and day out is where my question is. And to add to that, my naturalpath said she has never seen someone work as hard as me to heal. I think I am just tired out and need a kick in the tush.

    • Karlicia, I nailed ‘lymes disease’ within a month or 2 with the Medical Medium ‘s anti viral diet. Get the book’ secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal’ Medical dedium, author is Anthony William. Follow the food and herb diet that he suggests and I am sure you will feel the difference. ????????Also make and drink celery juice first thing in the morning.

  • Karlicia D. Berry says:

    Yes, I believe I can heal. My issue is having the will to do all the things I need to do to heal! So it is the will to heal that I feel is sometimes lacking. In other words I know ALL the things I need to do in order to heal, but many times I lack the will to do them.

    • Thanks for the comment! I find in myself, that when I lack the will or feel resistance to taking action, it’s because that old pattern of who I’m used to being does NOT want me to change (my old identity being someone in pain, with something to fix and if that’s not who I am, then who I am? Do I even belong?) Just beginning to bring self-awareness to all of this is massive! What do you think your lack of will is about Karlicia?

      • Karlicia D. Berry says:

        Yes, I see where you are going with this. I started Vipassana Meditation about a month ago to bring self awareness. Avoidance and resistance have been such a force with me when it comes to me taking care of myself. I am sure the root of it all is self love and self worth.

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