The Weaponization of Fear and The Self-Limiting Behaviors Keeping You Stuck – Reclaim Your Power

Our biologically endemic fears (which are totally natural and necessary for survival/evolution) are often weaponized against us and used to make us dependent on systems, institutions and people who profit enormously from our disempowerment. 

I do not believe any of us can heal (at the root) in an environment in which we fear our own body and our own psyche, which extends to fearing nature herself. 

We can micro-manage and declare war on our bodies and brains – with injections and painkillers and unnecessary surgeries – and feel less pain…for a while. But eventually, nature’s checks and balances will catch up to us and we’ll have to face what we’ve ignored and disowned and feared up to now. The longer we put this off, the more painful the awakening. 

Today I share a part of my story that I’ve never shared before publicly. When this coronavirus situation started I had no idea I would solve a lifelong mystery of my own, having very much to do with my own fear being weaponized against me when I was just 13 years old. This story of mine may feel shocking, but please know it is no longer shocking to me and I share it gladly if it helps even one person take back their power. 

I have healed my trauma and cultivated genuine gratitude for all the pain I’ve experienced, including the debilitating fear I talk about today. These hard experiences, all the pain and fear I endured at such a young age, provided me with the most meaningful life I could imagine, and led me down paths I never would have ventured down if my life had been easy and comfortable. 

Pain doesn’t have to be scary. Pain is an important messenger from your body, your psyche or maybe nature herself.

Instead of killing the messenger, ask yourself what you might learn if you got curious instead of reactive. 

When we welcome these messengers called pain, fear, illness, anxiety to deliver to our consciousness the important messages they carry, we open ourselves to our true potential for expanding our consciousness and experiencing a more dynamic and meaningful life full of vitality and richness. You may just learn things that will deeply inspire you, fill you with awe and ignite the inherently creative forces inside you, which may just compel you to design your life (and body) more intentionality, with conscious creative purpose. 

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  • Adjeley Akwei says:

    Thank you for making clear to me what I could not for myself or my clients. Your ability to be so clear and articulate are what drew me to your site and has kept me following you. Thank you.

    • Adjeley – thank you for being here! I am very grateful for your presence, I know you are doing important work in your part of the world 🙏🏽

  • Ishe says:

    Let me be the first to say your courage in making this testimony of mastering your fear so lucidly, shows how well grounded into your body you are. It is inspiring. It’s very important that we individually take responsibility for our own integrated health since we can so clearly not rely on external ‘experts’. Time to OWN IT.

    • Ishe – yes! Time to OWN IT, all of it. Thank you for sharing your support and alignment with this message, and for seeing me. I appreciate you.

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