This Powerful Mindset Shift Changed My Core Identity and Propelled Me Into a Life of Freedom

How do you perceive yourself? Your body? Pain? Emotions, sensations, comfort, discomfort? 

How we perceive each critical element of life will determine the outcomes of our pursuits…for “good” or “bad.” I put these words in quotations because I believe nothing is good or bad, it’s our thinking that makes it so (or, our perceptions, the meaning we ascribe, whether we’re looking from a ten centimeter or ten thousand foot view). 

When pain shows up…do you react, or respond? 

Today I’m giving you the powerful mindset shift I made back in 2008 that changed not just my life and my body, but also my core identity. 

Before 2008 my primary identity was “a person in pain, seeking relief.” I felt tortured, haunted, disturbed and demoralized every day because I believed my own body was opposing me in life. I believed she was against me somehow, determined to make me suffer every day. 

If you identify right now as a person in pain, seeking relief…then you will probably identify with the longing to experience freedom from

Freedom from pain.
Freedom from suffering.
Freedom from trauma.
Freedom from anxiety.
Freedom from “negative” thoughts.
Freedom from gut issues.
Freedom from emotional distress.
Freedom from…feeling things you don’t want to be feeling. 

If you can own that last one, we can get somewhere. 

At the root of our identities as people in pain, seeking relief…are feelings (sensations and emotions) we don’t want to be feeling. 

In our efforts to seek relief, however, we unwittingly oppose ourselves to that which we seek freedom from…giving that thing more power and potency, while diminishing our own. We also, probably unconsciously, make ourselves the oppressed and our bodies (or minds, psyches, emotions) the oppressors. 

I’ve come to the decisive conclusion that seeking relief from anything is the antithesis of what I’m really seeking, and so it’s no longer part of my vocabulary and I will no longer use those words on my platforms (so as not to perpetuate a paradigm that actually disempowers people at an unconscious level). 

What are we to do instead? 

I’m so glad you asked! 

We can let go of our old paradigm and adopt a new one: The freedom to…

The freedom to run.
The freedom to hike.
The freedom to love.
The freedom to live fully.
The freedom to awaken our senses.
The freedom to use our senses to know, understand and make sense of the world.
The freedom to feel every emotion and sensation without judgment or condemnation (of ourselves, or the sensations and emotions).
The freedom to nominate ourselves solely responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions in life, along with any impact we have on other beings. 

“The freedom to” is a paradigm that will turn ON your creativity, solution oriented brain and open your consciousness to the inflow of knowledge that exists within and without and all around you at all times. 

You will begin to know things you didn’t, and people might call you psychic. 

You will see possibilities where others see impossibility. 

You will experience the absolute freedom that comes with building these skills and seeing 1,000 different possibilities or perspectives in any given moment in life. Then, you will have the freedom to respond to life from a consciously objective and multi-dimensional place that is beyond reactivity, beyond pain, beyond the many small paradigms we often exist from in our day to day. 

Whatever pain or life experience you currently find yourself impacted by that has you seeking relief (which I’m assuming brought you to me/my channel)…what would a path forward look like if you oriented to that thing from the mindset of “the freedom to…” ? 

If you can put out of your awareness any notion of relief or freedom from, and command your consciousness to adopt the perspective of “the freedom to” with total conviction…what would that look like? What words would you use? What images come to mind? What dreams shape your thoughts? What answers come to you? 

And if you’re willing to sit in the uncomfortable unknown and trust that the answers will come…you will be rewarded far more than those who jump into action right away. 

Please share your thoughts below!

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  • Michele Lesser says:

    It feels really good to see each thing that I think about in the form of “I want the freedom to”. Even things like “I am cold. I am sick of being cold.” could turn into “I want the freedom to relax”. Then I look for things/behaviors that can help me relax, and opportunities pop up that I can use to expand my experience of relaxing. Being stuck on feeling annoyed with being cold just leaves me with more experience of being cold.

  • Nettie says:

    Elisha, you are soooo consciously aware. I love it. You’re not only a healer but a guide. You’re right, if you keep thinking about what you don’t want, you still attract it to you! This is a universal law. I love how you eloquently put it into the words, “freedom from” to “freedom to.” This makes it much easier to translate for most. We have to be aware, that we are aware– that when limiting thoughts arise we immediately transmute them to the better feeling thought or feeling. It takes time, patience, practice, self-care, and love! Thank you for your much-needed message.

  • Sara says:

    I’ll be honest, I don’t always make time to open your emails. Today I did, and this was exactly what I needed right now. I have identified as “a person in pain seeking relief” for 7 years now – it’s what brought me to you some time ago. I did not want to see myself as a victim – I have been actively seeking relief and my old self back. Still, my thoughts and actions have been guided by my fear of never getting better because everything I have been trying hasn’t quite worked. Reading this blog today feels like a missing piece has been given to me and I am grateful!

    • Hi Sara – I’m glad this is exactly what you needed right now! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to hear how this process is going for you if you’re open to sharing? I’m cheering you on!

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