Try This Kinetix Technique to Release Grapefruit Sized Fascial Adhesions in Your ITB/Hamstrings


IT Band Foam Roller Technique 1
IT Band Foam Roller Technique 2

I’m showing you one of my hardest to learn but most rewarding Kinetix techniques in this video. This one technique has helped many of my clients address the root cause of their hip pain, piriformis syndrome, pelvic instability, leg pain and plantar fasciitis, to name just a few. 

Before I show you the technique, I give you a tour of your IT Band fascia and break down how it gets stuck to the fascia in your quads, or the fascia in your hamstrings…and the different types of pain you might feel depending on where your ITB fascia is restricted. 

If you’re someone who has grapefruit sized adhesions in your IT Band/hamstring junction, then chances are pretty high that if you came into my office and let me step on you…that this would make you cry 🤷🏻‍♀️😢

Of all the techniques in my toolkit, this one has produced the most spontaneous tears in people. Often without any story attached. But the relief people feel immediately after is always worth it (if this is done with skill, that is…because if it’s not, and the relief doesn’t come then it may not feel worth it!) 

I believe in transparency, so I’ll be honest with you – I want to show Kinetix more online and inspire interest in people who want to try the method out, or learn it fully. Because this modality can be absolutely magical for creating fluidity in our bodies and finding the root cause of pain, stuck emotions and nervous system patterns. But it’s a lot harder to do well than it looks, and is best learned as part of a community learning together. 

So while I am teaching you something today, I’m also hoping that if you are interested in learning Kinetix (wherever you live in the world), that you’ll consider joining me to learn more about this method. If this sounds intriguing to you, please click here to make sure you’re on my email list. I’ll be notifying you by email as soon as any of my free Kinetix or paid programs become available. If you’re already subscribed, no need to subscribe again 😊

And if you’re not interested – no worries! I hope you get a lot out of this video. 

Speaking of video…if you’re reading this, awesome! But the best way to engage with this particular blog is to watch the video. 

I’ll be showing you how to try a modified version of my Kinetix technique at home (if you have a partner). 

Share any thoughts or questions you have below and I’ll do my best to answer. 

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  • April says:

    This was AMAZING! I have been subscribed to you forever, waiting for you to share some Kinetix …lol! I want to learn and I did read about your last experience with teaching it and why you shut down the training. I appreciate you giving it another try. You can control how and what you teach, but you cannot control how it ‘lands’. I’m looking forward to doing the training and hope that I can afford it when you open enrollment, or at least that you have some sort of payment plan because I anticipate that it likely be a bit costly but worth it. 🙂

    • Hi April – YAY! I’m glad you’re excited. Did you try it yet? Would love to hear of your results or experience. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and acknowledgement of my attempts so far trying to teach Kinetix, I appreciate that! This next attempt will be very different…and I feel confident I figured out what will allow everyone involved to feel free. Free to participate in their own way, free to leave if it doesn’t feel right, I will feel free to teach in ways that feel right to me… So stay tuned, much more to come. 😊

  • Kat says:


    ((Will Be Sure To Let You Know How Things Go 😘😘😘))

    • Ksenia says:

      I don’t have a partner, but it is so great to see what the goal is with these so I can try to at least figure something out. This is one step closer to getting out of pain and taking care of myself better. Hope it works well for you!

      • Ksenia – perfect! That’s why I wanted to show visually what this looks like with Kinetix, because then you can try the best you can to do it for yourself with whatever tools you have available. Let me know what you come up with 💛

    • Kat – HAHA, love your attitude! And please do let me know how things go!

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