Two Common Types of KNEE Pain + How to Address Each One to get RESULTS

In my private practice I see two types of knee pain:

Medial knee pain, and lateral knee pain (by far the most common). In plain english this means outside knee pain (the pain you feel is mostly felt on the outer part of your kneecap), and inside knee pain (the pain you feel is mostly felt on the inside part of your knee, and may even travel into the soft tissue there).

It’s important to know that not all “knee pain” is the same, and each kind of pain usually requires a different approach to eliminate the pain.

Please note: most techniques and recommendations for eliminating pain on this channel are like “cheat sheets”, designed to get you OUT of pain the fastest…however, I’ve always stressed that this doesn’t always help you identify the ROOT CAUSE.

I recommend following my suggestions for techniques that will “put the fire out” (get that pain signal down or gone), and then do whatever you can to find the root cause.

For example, much of the time with knee pain (both lateral knee pain and medial knee pain) the root cause is pelvic instability; and often this involves one or more glute or hip muscles that have stopped firing.

Medial knee pain especially is a sign that the gluteus medius muscle on the same side has stopped firing and when you walk (or run, lift weights, do CrossFit, or even just stand at a standing desk or other standing job) your hip isn’t stable, so your knee falls inward slightly; it’s your adductor that “catches” you and compensates to stabilize you. You may be completely unaware this is even happening, because all of this is subtle. By the time it’s obviously visible (the knee falling inward, which is called knee valgus) you’re well into a compensation pattern.

With lateral knee pain the pattern following pelvic instability is more about your foot gripping the ground to stabilize you, which tightens up your calf and hamstring fascia…causing that lateral pain.

And sometimes, it’s simply about a fascial imbalance caused by daily habits and lopsided sports (like tennis, golf, or using your dominant/strong leg to power through cycling, weight lifting etc).

Watch the video to learn all about these two kinds of knee pain!

My recommendations for lateral knee pain are to release your outer calf fascia and low hamstring fascia.

My recommendations for medial knee pain are to release your adductor fascia and low quads.

Comment below with your takeaway, experience with knee pain and/or a result you got using my techniques to relieve or eliminate knee pain!