WATER: Reverse Osmosis Filters, Minerals, Cellular Hydration and Achieving Optimal Fascial Fluidity

Welcome to my kitchen! Let’s talk water filters, because as you’ve probably learned from me by now, cellular hydration and healthy fascia go hand in hand. The water you drink is just as important as priming your body to absorb that water effectively. 

You wouldn’t want to open up your extracellular matrix and get it ready to absorb a lot of water if that water was toxic right?

If you haven’t already watched the video on cellular hydration and the best water for fascial health, you can do that here. And yes, in that video I spelled fascia “fasica.” When we filmed this video we had a natural gas leak in our house and my brain got really foggy and I was misspelling all kinds of words. The gas company did come out and fixed the pressure regulator, which was sending too much gas into the house. 

Of course the BEST water is natural spring water from a clean spring. 

Find a spring near you

Here are the links we talk about in this video:

The water filter we use – Aquatru

Aquatru is also where we get the minerals to remineralize the filtered water (just click on accessories and scroll all the way down). 

Whole house filters, under the counter and shower filters

Green Smoothie Girl mineral supplement


Drinking water isn’t enough to hydrate your fascia. If your fascia is already dehydrated and lacking in critical elements like hyaluronic acid, then the water you drink will just get peed out. 

To optimize your fascia for a high total body water content (cellular hydration) you’ll need to activate the fasciacytes in your extracellular matrix. Those fasciacytes in turn synthesize hyaluronic acid, which then imbibes – or “pulls into it” – the water you drink. 

Fasciacytes are activated primarily by compression and shearing based fascia release methods where you are “cross-fibering” fascia and pulling stuck fibers apart. Rolling on a foam roller and most manual therapist of massage (there are many modalities, I’m talking about the most common like swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, orthopedic massage etc) will activate fibroblasts, which synthesize collagen. 

Collagen is, of course, a critical element in the body; but too much collagen compared to hyaluronic acid will lead to densification or the materialization of your body. Whereas a higher percentage of hyaluronic acid to collagen means you will be fluid, flexible, buoyant, light and heal faster than you injure. 

Please share YOUR resources for water filters, minerals and anything else water related below. I am no expert, so I’m counting on you to crowdsource resources here. In particular, if you have resources for structured water – PLEASE share! Water, and its importance for human health and disease prevention, is a current obsession of mine and I want to learn as much as  I can. 

As always, I will share what I learn with you as I learn it.

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