I Get Headaches When the Truth Isn’t Spoken – Weird Ways Your Body Talks to You

Your body is talking to you all.the.time. When you were a baby, you unconsciously acted out every impulse, intuition and instinct, never doubting what your body was communicating. 

Gradually, as an infant, toddler, and small child you learned (like everyone else) to dissociate from your inner wisdom. Why? You were taught repeatedly, in small and maybe big ways, that your instincts or needs didn’t mesh with those big people you relied on for survival and belonging. 

If you were ever told “don’t cry, it’s not that big a deal” or “go on, don’t be scared of uncle Larry, give him a hug” (when your instinct told you not to) or anything that resulted in questioning your own impulses, then you learned how to ignore or disown the part of you that knows things. Not just about yourself either, but about other people and even about life circumstances like whether to move across the country or quit your job to travel the world. 

There are two fundamental situations in life that (I believe) your body will always have something to say: your physical and emotional well being, and your relationships to other people. 

You don’t have to go looking for these messages either, they will be obvious if you learn to tune in and listen, because every day of your life your body has needs it will communicate and you’re likely to encounter other human beings with whom your body is also communicating. 

You’ve no doubt heard that body language and the non-verbal makes up 80% or more of human communication. If you allow yourself to tap into and allow your instincts and impulses to talk to you regarding your relationships to other people…you’ll start to “know” things that may make you appear psychic 😉 Seriously. 

But maybe the best place to start is with yourself. What can you learn about yourself or your body, by opening those feedback loops first? (Before trying your hand at telepathy or psychic readings).  

This video walks you through some of the weird ways your body talks to you. 

Share your takeaways below! I can’t wait to hear about the weird ways YOUR body talks to you. Because we’re all different. Your body will use different strategies than mine, based on our different histories and childhoods. 

I’ll see you in the comments section!

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  • Ann Marie Falkman says:

    I actually feel that I can accurately “read” myself and other people and can certainly “interpret” my response to them if that makes sense… As in when I meet an obviously intelligent person and I immediately feel my whole body tense up and I start to speak too fast. I realise that is a fear stemming from childhood, not to say something stupid and feeling the consequent terrible fear of rejection. With my rational mind I can see that chrystal clear but still, at the age of 62, it bothers me albeit to a lesser degree than when I was younger.
    I might be going off on a tangent here but my real problem with trusting my body relates to food. What is good for it and what is not. Am I really hungry, does my body really need to take in more energy or is it only a craving? For example – I cannot “interpret” my passion for onions and garlic. Is it my liver wanting more of what is good for it or is bad gut bacteria wanting what it craves? Etc, etc.
    Love that u’ve moved on to a more emotional healing tack. I found the “How to put fear in its rightful place” absolutely brilliant and enormously helpful – Thanks you so much!

    • Hi Ann Marie – thank you for sharing your comments here! I think it’s super fun to contemplate all of this. I’m with you – sometimes it’s hard to tell what those cravings are. I do believe with contained presence and experimentation (through taking different actions) we can begin to uncover the “truth” (which is ever-changing…to make matters more complicated! Ha). So glad you found the fear video helpful!

  • Gary says:

    Hi Elisha, I can remember having muscles tighten up in my back due to stress in certain situations , such as business negotiations.
    I’m not sure if that’s what yore talking about here as it’s probably a fight or flight kind of stress response ?
    Also had a visceral feeling in my stomach that something was very wrong when dealing with a close family member I am also an introvert and sensitive so I need to maybe take into account that my mind blows things out of proportion so maybe that very strong feeling for me means nothing?

    Wouldn’t such a feeling to get away be the result of an overprotective sensitive mind ?
    How would I ever know if it’s anything deeper ?

    • Hi Gary – thanks for sharing a few of your experiences, and asking great questions! My experience has been that no matter the reason for my body’s sensations/feelings/instincts, if I put my attention and presence there I will learn something valuable about ME. Then I can either attend to an unhealed part of me (such as an overprotective nervous system) and layer by layer reveal the intuitive side of myself that KNOWS THINGS without my personal biases getting in the way. Does that make sense? So it’s both. But it’s always an opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we’re orienting to people, situations, the world, ourselves. Hope that helps! Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Things come to me in different ways. Sometimes it’s a feeling at the back of my head kind of a tingling Mike sensation, usually it’s in my stomach itself like my gut telling me that it should we followed for some something sometimes even a little vision in my head will pop in that may be unrelated, yet as the day progresses, is revealed or never is seen at all.
    Years ago I found a book which had exercises to help open the communication between your conscious and subconscious mind and it did help to develop my instinctive abilities, but life brought many distractions and I got away from doing the exercises, then I got hurt (broken back) and my wife of 25 years left (to find herself) which through life into a spin for several months, bringing new directions and life changes.
    I believe that your video is a message which is telling me to get back into practicing and reopen that connection again, for I have found that our lives seems to work in that way to get us (or me) back on track.
    Thank you for your guidance Elisha! Your stories and reveals have helped me more than I can even put into words in some ways. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome Michael! Glad this post reignited that interest of yours from long ago. Your comments continue to be the fuel that inspires me to keep going online, so thank YOU!

  • Elisha–I believe as a species w e are ” re-remembering”and learning to trust our intuition- one of out inner senses along with our imagination–we are evolving into our WHOLE SELVES. Enjoy and trust the ride. Happy Thanksgiving.Kathnell Very good video. Thanks.

    • Hi Kathnell – thank you as always for watching and sharing. I’m grateful for YOU! Happy holidays.

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