What is Kinetix and who benefits from it most?

“Kinetix is a powerful method of addressing and healing pain and dysfunction. It’s a way of mapping the fascial structure while releasing restricted fascia and any trauma (physical or otherwise) stuck in the body, which allows us to move through life with freed up potential.” Maybe you’ve heard Elisha describe Kintex like this before, and in a couple of sentences that does sum up Kinetix, but because it’s such a visceral experience, it’s difficult to accurately sum it up in words. In this video we were able to sit down and dig a little deeper into what Kinetix is, what the experience can do for us, and who can benefit from it the most.

What I find most fascinating about Kinetix is how confronting it is. Getting your fascia released in this way requires your active participation and is almost always a direct reflection of how you process intensity in your life.

Because Kinetix is (by it’s nature) a confronting experience that reflects how you handle intensity, it’s only natural that careers which require you to confront a high level of intensity and stress stand to gain the most benefit from this work.

I’ve talked with Elisha countless times about this subject, and there’s always one profession that she believes can experience an immense amount of benefit (maybe the most benefit) from Kinetix… entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur requires the ability to handle a very high degree of stress and intensity and move it through your system in order to succeed. There is also often a high degree of personal investment, passion, and attachment to an entrepreneur’s work which can make it all the more intense and confronting.

“If our life is a story, the nervous system is the pen and the fascia is the paper.”

I’ve heard Elisha make that analogy many times, and it’s why something that might seem unrelated to entrepreneurship (or any career that requires processing intensity) can actually provide massive tangible benefits for entrepreneurs. Your nervous system is acutely aware of the stress your subjecting yourself to in something like entrepreneurship. When your body is given a tool that allows the nervous system to move that stress through, it sets your mind and body up for success.

Kinetix is the best tool I know to help you process intensity and move stress through your body, while building a better baseline for doing so in the future.

And I know you’ve heard Elisha say this before, but “Every emotion is accompanied by a physical sensation.” Another profession that will understand that sentiment from the opposite end of the spectrum is elite athletes, a group who can also experience tremendous benefit from this work. Any elite athlete knows that in order to perform at a high level, the ability to control your mind is a massive part of the equation. This comes back to how you process intensity when you are confronted by it in life. If you are an elite athlete and you are constantly suppressing emotion when it shows up in competition, you’re probably more likely to develop physiological patterns that will make you more prone to injury.

And then there’s an entirely different segment of people who can benefit from Kinetix immensely: those who have serious injuries or chronic pain. If this is you, you know how debilitating it can be to simply get through the day. This is another group of folks who will experience incredible benefits from Kinetix.

If you’re struggling to make it through the day because of how much pain you’re experiencing, releasing restricted fascia and any associated trauma can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Elisha’s worked on people who were literally folded in half when they walked in her office because of issues like chronic low back pain. If you’ve ever been in that boat, you can imagine what it would feel like to encounter Kinetix and be able to walk upright out of that office an hour later with less than half the pain you were experiencing upon arrival. Because of the dramatic and often rapid positive change these people experience in quality of life, Kinetix is of more benefit to them than the average person.

And if you are the average person… you can still experience massive benefit from Kinetix too! We all have physical and psychological imperfections that can be improved upon when we are given a tool like Kinetix to work with. I personally love looking at the extremes of the spectrum when it comes to this work, because it’s informative and can give us better insight in its true nature.

I’m so happy to have encountered Kinetix when I did in my life, and I appreciate it for the incredible tool that it is. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a person with debilitating chronic pain, or somewhere in between, I hope you get a chance to experience Kinetix and ultimately, greater freedom in your mind and body.