What you need to know about GUT fascia, gut health, hormones, mood and overall well being

I’ve said for years that if I could have people release just ONE area of fascia for head to toe PAIN relief it would be the the quads and quad hip flexors; and if I could have people release ONE area of fascia for TOTAL human health and well being, it would be the GUT fascia.

There’s a massive connection between fascia, the nervous system, gut health, the gut brain relationship and hormones.

Serotonin – the feel good hormone that is critical for well being, sleep and so much more – is created in the gut. If your gut health is compromised because of fascial restriction, then you may not be functioning at your best hormonally; your mood can be affected, your sleep can get wonky, and from here – anything can happen! Auto-immune issues can arise. Anxiety that started off here and there can become chronic. Depression can creep in.

And as a result of your brain chemistry getting thrown off, pain can occur anywhere in your body because your brain needs you to realize something is WRONG and as the owner of your body, you’re in charge of taking care of things.

This is an enormous topic, but what I most want you to understand is there is a LOT you can to help yourself with this one piece of information.

There’s a strong connection between what’s happening in your GUT and your psychology – what is your gut trying to tell you?

You can release your own gut fascia and mobilize your organs (they should be able to move fluidly inside the abdominal cavity to be totally healthy).

Click here to watch and try my self abdominal fascia release technique.

You can stop sucking in your belly. This is a BIG one! We’ve been led to believe we should all have flat tummies. Well guess what? Nature doesn’t agree. The belly is meant to be relaxed. Everything in your abdominal cavity needs protection, but it’s going to feel SAFEST when YOU are relaxed. If you’re physically tensing your body up where your precious life giving organs are…then you’re cueing your body that you’re in DANGER! That signal is definitely going to make it to your brain. What do you think might happen from there?

Those are just a few ways to love your up your gut fascia. What’s your favorite way to create optimal gut health? Share below, and if you had an “aha” from this video make sure to comment. I love hearing from you and will be commenting back so come say hi!