What’s the difference between fixing your pain and healing pain?

This might seem like splitting hairs, and who cares what you call it? But I think swapping out this one word “fix” would help you get where you want to go with your body and life. Here’s why:

When you talk about “fixing” something, it conjures images of a busted tail light, a leaking head gasket or burst pipes in your home…and all of those should definitely be fixed! Have you ever noticed that we say “fix” pets like dogs or cats so they can’t have babies?

Do you want to be “fixed?” I think not, yikes! Haha.

Ok, so I’m totally guilty of using the word “fix” too, it’s just so short and easy. But the TRUTH is I never fixed anything…I healed.

Here’s the key difference and why it matters:

I believe “to heal” something means you take the GIFTS hidden in the pain and use them to become a better human being. Whether that’s physical or mental or spiritual in nature is dependent in part on you, and your belief system.

Healing is to EVOLVE as a human being.

“Fixing” says nothing about this other aspect of what we’re being offered when pain shows up. I believe pain – whether physical, mental/psychological or emotional/spiritual in nature – is always an invitation from some higher aspect of ourselves, or nature itself, or god (whatever you believe) to expand our freedom and discover new abilities we didn’t even know we had.

Healing includes the journey through fear, doubt and intensity towards faith, courage and the discipline necessary to grow ourselves.

Which sounds more appealing to you?

If you like this definition of healing, make sure to watch my other video that’s all about this:

And if it really resonates but you’ve never approached pain/healing this way, start here:

Ask yourself what this pain could have to teach you, show you, give you…if you allowed it to?

What if the pain is here to show you how courageous you are?
What if the pain is here to invite you deeper into your own freedom, through the discovery process of what it takes to heal this particular injury/pain/illness/heartbreak?

What if this is happening so you can learn about your body now, take better care of it and avoid an early death? Ya never know!

The cool thing is…life really is happening FOR us, and we can decide what the meaning is of ANYTHING. Including pain.

You get to decide whether this pain means less life, less joy, less of everything…or more of everything.

Share something below about learning courage, confidence or something else that you had to work through challenge to experience and inspire someone else today!

The ONLY reason I’m here on right now talking to you is because I decided my pain was going to grow me, grant me more freedom and help me help other people…like you. And it has. I promise it can!

  • Pat Wigton says:

    I’ve been aware of everything being energy for many years now. I’ve had a lot of neck and shoulder issues. Finding your work has helped me with the last pieces of that. Something I learned a long time ago was it has nothing to do with sleeping the wrong way, perhaps with my arms up. Once the issue cleared energetically I could sleep any way I wanted to and not have a re occurance of the issue.

    A recent video showed how to clear pain from the biceps and triceps with a softball. This worked wonderfully for me by sitting at the kitchen table and putting my arm on the ball. Couldn’t have been easier to do. I didn’t say it wasn’t painful.
    Thanks for all your great ideas, Pat

    • Hey Pat, thanks for sharing your success and experience using my techniques! I love hearing all of this. You’re welcome. Thank you for being here!

  • Ben Cornell says:

    Hi Elisha I’m Ben Cornell 81+yrs. I’ve been An on and off follower. I began again to read of your escape from ‘mercury’ in that run you mentioned that you were in ‘Pedro’ I assumed San Pedro Ca my hometown. I’m interested in your topic of to fix or not to fix
    I’ll comment on that next time. Ben, former pirate now a duck

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