Why I believe arthritis is preventable and what you can do to avoid it

Arthritis means “inflammation of the joint.”

Why would a joint become permanently inflamed?

Inflammation usually happens because your body has detected an area that is damaged and is isolating it in order to cue more blood flow to that specific area. This is true in the case of acute injuries like a sprained ankle, and it’s true if you get punched in the face or fall on your bum. Right?

So if your very intelligent body is cueing an inflammatory response in a joint, it means one thing: that joint needs blood in order to heal and repair.

Why does a joint lose blood flow? This is totally natural, however it is also 100% preventable and reversible in many cases.

Your fascial system contains more blood than all your other soft tissue, and when it becomes restricted blood doesn’t flow as well through the fascial system as well as the arteries and veins.

Take elbow tendonitis for example – that is inflammation of the tendon that attaches at your elbow. It might as well be called “elbow arthritis” except that arthritis is considered incurable, and of course with elbow tendinitis it’s the tendon that is inflamed not the joint. But the principle is exactly the same, and so is the solution.

Opening up the fascia around an inflamed joint will increase blood flow and get much needed nutrition to your cells so they can repair themselves. The bursa needs blood. The tendons and ligaments need blood. The BONES need blood. Everything inside a joint needs blood.

The reason this is often a “disease” of older AGE is because that’s when the fascia has become unhealthiest. However, that’s in large part because we haven’t learned to take care of our fascia starting when we’re young!

If you are proactive you can absolutely prevent arthritis with consistent fascial release.

If you’re currently experience PRE-arthritis – please know I believe it’s 100% reversible! I’ve seen it happen over and over.

If you’re struggling with full blown arthritis, I believe you can find relief!

Search this blog to search for the tutorials you need to feel better and prevent this painful experience altogether.

Share your aha below, and if you’re making a commitment to prevent arthritis or have a success story to share – post below and I know you’ll inspire someone else who needs encouragement today!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Elisha, I have already cured my plantar fasciitis and my son’s Osgood Schlatters syndrome (both within a week) with your techniques.
    I can’t wait to do more work on myself, I was recently diagnosed with pre osteoarthritis in the lumbar spine but I know I can change course!
    Your generosity with your knowledge is truely valued and appreciated.

    • Amazing Sharon! Thanks for sharing your results so far. I DO believe arthritis is reversible. Open up as much fascia as possible! 🙂

  • Mary says:

    informative & hopeful…didn’t know some of this stuff! love your explanations – i can really hear them. thank you.

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