Why You’re Still in Pain Despite “Trying Everything”

Nature has checks and balances in place that trump human cleverness 100% of the time. 

Nature’s wisdom may not be as blatant or loud or violent as human conceit in action, but it is far more powerful and always wins in the end. What do I mean? 

First, let’s define “nature.” When I say nature I’m referring to your body, the natural world, mother earth and the animating force behind all life – whether you want to call it god or universal intelligence. I’m talking about the natural world in all its forms: energy, light, sound, plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, biology, quantum physics…

Human beings are part of nature, though we often forget it. Nature makes us, evolves us and as much as we impact nature with our own actions (destructive or productive), she impacts us in return. 

Two primary concepts are the best starting place for understanding this theory:

  1. There are checks and balances within you as a self-contained natural organism – body, brain, heart, consciousness, subconscious, soul and spirit. This includes your physiology, biology, genetics, epigenetics and YOU – your unique self, your soul/psyche and spirit. 
  2. Your body is a reflection of the world – the health (or sickness) of this planet we inhabit is reflected back to us by our bodies. We are intimately connected to nature, and what nature must suffer and endure…so too must we. 

We are held accountable via these two feedback cycles to nature’s checks and balances. 

What do I mean by “checks and balances?” Newton’s 3rd law comes to mind: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As a simplistic example, in order for your quads to contract your hamstrings have to stretch/relax. 

Hopefully we can all agree that the human body has to abide by certain physical laws or rules, right? These are a part of nature’s checks and balances, but they are incomplete in and of themselves. 

I propose that, just as there are physical laws and rules, there are also spiritual laws and rules. Equally so, the earth itself has to abide by its own physiological, biological and spiritual laws and rules…which in turn, govern us. 

There are simple cause and effect laws and rules (you must breathe oxygen or you will die), and incredibly complex ones (we humans can’t kill the planet without killing ourselves, but who has to die, when and in what manner is decidedly individual, situationally unique and thus highly complex). 

I want to give you two concrete examples that you can begin working with immediately:

  1. The system in charge of granting changes to your physical body – like getting out of pain, healing anxiety or gut issues etc – is the nervous system. AND – this is so important – your nervous system is just as energetic or spiritual as it is physical in nature.

    If you’ve “tried everything” to get out of pain and you’re spinning your wheels, it could be due to a nervous system pattern that is keeping you stuck.

    Why would your nervous system do this?

    This is nature’s checks and balances at play. Let’s say you have a lot of unhealed trauma in your psyche and your body, and you also happen to have back pain. If there’s a relationship between your back pain and your trauma, your nervous system cannot grant you freedom until you address the trauma. If your back pain is not related to your trauma, but the trauma is so pervasive that you can’t access your fascia for example – maybe, every time you get on a foam roller you tense up, stop breathing and push the roller out of your body due to your nervous system interpreting that experience as threatening, just like your trauma – then you will need to address at least some of that trauma and the resulting nervous system patterns before your nervous system will grant you physical change in tissues or nerve impulses (the pain signal you feel, for example).

    One story I can share from my own life has to do with digestive issues and anxiety – I tried “everything” to heal these two issues, because they were debilitating and daily painful experiences for me. But it wasn’t until I started listening to my gut and aligning my life choices with my own gut intuitions that my digestive issues went away. And it wasn’t until I moved the nervous system trauma out of my body that I freed myself of the anxiety and story that I was an introvert who needed a lot of alone time.

    After moving that trauma out of my body I realized I was an extrovert!

    I suddenly had TONS of energy and that’s when my business took off and I began experiencing real vitality in body, soul and spirit.
  2. Maybe you’re experiencing something like brain fog, subtle (or not so subtle) digestive issues and anxiety, with a side of soft tissue pain from so much tension carried in your body. Maybe you’ve “tried everything” in terms of supplements, protocols, detoxes, elimination diets, therapy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, massage etc.

    The one thing you may not have thought to explore is your environment. Maybe you’re living in a moldy house. Maybe you live near fracking, like I did in 2017-2018 when I got some of these exact symptoms. Maybe your household cleaners or beauty products are slowly poisoning you. Maybe it’s your food choices (not necessarily WHAT you’re eating, but where it came from and how it was grown/raised).

    If your environment contains toxicity that you’re unaware of, your body may alert you to that truth with unpleasant symptoms. Unfortunately, the common instinct I see in soooo many of us, including myself, is to immediately put the blame on our bodies. We think we’re defective, there must be something “wrong” with us, maybe it’s our thyroid, adrenal glands, our liver, our physical fitness (or lack thereof)…we fixate on our bodies, projecting all our hopes and desires onto this physical manifestation of nature herself, without looking to the greater environment for signs of danger to life.

    This is nature’s way of holding us accountable. For the record, I don’t say this emotionally, as in “nature punishes us for our bad behavior.” Nature exists without emotionality, and its primary objective is to sustain biodiversity of life on planet earth, and it will use any means necessary to accomplish that goal. This is one reason why humans have an immune system barrier that is a mere half a hair’s width thick – because we’re MEANT to engage with our environment and be impacted by it. We can’t poison the earth and declare war on biodiversity with our clearcutting of rainforests, our gmo crops sprayed with glyphosate, our war on “germs” via antibiotics (which literally means “anti-life”)…without suffering consequences.

    This relationship and these checks and balances of nature are incredibly beautiful if you’re willing to consider that you are not the center of the universe and should get everything you want in life; that you instead are a part of something vast and magnificent in its intricacy, diversity and intelligence. 

Every time I really dive in and think about these checks and balances I am in awe – of how my body holds me accountable not only to my own higher self, my inner wisdom, my intuition and core values, but also how she holds me accountable to the higher wisdom of nature herself, who is immeasurably more intelligent than I am. The wisdom of mother nature herself is right here inside of me! Inside of you, too…waiting to be honored with reverence, waiting to be learned from like a wise elder who could teach you all the secrets of life as only an elder can. 

When you approach your body this way, she can teach you about the meaning of life and help you understand your place and purpose in the world. 008080

When you make your body your teacher, he will show you wonders beyond your greatest imagination and help you thrive while you’re alive.  

There are many universes of possibility within what I’ve shared today. You contain universes within you, and I within me…

Whatever you may be struggling with today, I encourage you to turn towards your body with reverent curiosity; turn towards your resistance, your fears, your anger, your grief, your pain, and ask it to teach you something. Welcome the messenger, and open yourself to the message. 

Don’t forget…it’s not always about you. Your body may be alerting you to critical threats to the very fabric of life showing up in your environment. And know this – your body, as part of nature, yearns for biodiversity, for life and growth and health. It is always striving for these things. 

Please share your thoughts below.

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  • Sharon says:

    Thank you Elisha, for your inspiration first and foremost! I love your insight and how you share it with us. We all have the power to decipher the words you share with us in any way that fits our own individuality. As a matter of semantics, I might not LOOK to you for inspiration but more so find your soul to be inspiring and motivating for lack of better a word. I wish I could find the strength in me to move forward with my healing of my physical body with a little more discipline, but I do feel I’m learning more and more about my physical body and how it all fits into one beautiful soul. I will keep plugging away at life and as time keeps moving forward, so will I.
    Thank you for being you and here’s to peaceful day! Sincerely,
    Sharon from Danbury

  • Tania Taylor says:

    Hi Elisha, it was 11:33am AWST when I finished watching this!😛…OMG, you are a genius at articulating this information and for me this is so friggin powerful 🤩…I felt glued to every word you spoke 😳😂…particularly when you explained about “accessing greater biodiversity of thinking, feeling and willing”…I totally get it, and in my experience of receiving greater awareness and knowings it absolutely takes time for me to process, integrate and embody it fully 🥵…and the part at the 15:44 minute mark when you mention “your nervous system is the primary mechanism by which you are granted freedom or denied freedom”, and at 15:55 “why would your body actually deny you freedom?”, and at 16:11 “we have to actually earn freedom, we have to earn higher levels of consciousness, we have to actually make ourselves worthy of that greater biodiversity of say sensory perception and higher levels of thinking because with those comes a lot of responsibility”…wow, and upon hearing this last piece the truth tears came for me Elisha😭…I appreciate you and your sharing of information specifically around the nervous system which has been transforming for me over the past 12 months 👍😍🥰❤️😘

  • Yoda says:

    Hi, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but where do you get your authority a/o knowledge to put some of these ideas in people’s minds?. Some folks are desperate and will follow blindly without a clue as to what it is they are following. You have some fantastic information as far as facia, muscles etc but from my perspective and understanding of life..(meaning the big picture), I think some of your abstract thoughts and theories are baseless, not spiritually guided and possibly dangerous for some. That being said, there is always some good in everything so please don’t
    stop. These were just my personal non factual, thoughts on your video today.

    • Above all I advocate personal responsibility and you doing you 😉 blindly doing what anyone on YouTube tells you to could be dangerous. The world is, in my opinion, as friendly as it is dangerous, depending on your current perspective and level of consciousness. I hope no one accepts what I have to say (whether about fascia, pain or nature’s checks and balances) without also checking it against their own gut feelings or internal wisdom. As for where I get my information, it is almost entirely from personal experience, either via my own painful growth lessons or from working with thousands of people in pain since 2008. Patterns tend to emerge, and I pay attention to patterns. From there I create theories, test my theories and am always open to learning I am wrong. I get it wrong a lot. That’s actually when I learn the most. I advocate this approach for every one of us, so we can learn, mess up, grow and get wiser through our own efforts.

      • Yoda says:

        Thank you so much for your response. There is no doubt your intentions are honorable, at least from what I see and hear via this medium. I just watched your (long lol) u tube on why you are not teaching kinetix anymore and that is very humble and thought provoking. By the time you reach my age, you have messed up a lot and learn that it’s ok because it is part of life. I hope you will continue to share your knowledge about the facia and folks can use what works for them because we are all different. I look forward to your u tube videos showing up in my email and I hope you continue you continue being fulfilled on your journey through life.

  • Stine says:

    Love your post – and all your posts. Have been following for about a year now and you are very inspiring! Thanks for all your hard work!
    Also consider adding a patreon account for those of us who love your work and want to see it thrive 🙂
    Hugs and thanks from a follower in Danmark 🙂

    • Stine – thank you for the support! I appreciate it so much 😊 I’m also happy to hear you’ve been around so long and want me/this channel to thrive. Hopefully that means you’re benefiting from what I share. 🙏🏽

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