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When pain happens, it’s not uncommon for us to feel so much fear that we stop trusting our bodies and either we: ignore the pain and push through it (which can lead to worse pain later); dissociate and stop feeling altogether (sensation and emotion); or, shrink our lives in an attempt to abate the damage we assume has already been done. 

Do any of those sound like you?

There’s another way, and it seems so counterintuitive that few people do this without guidance:


In my private practice I help clients turn fear into trust and pain into freedom.

This is done by “mapping” your unique fascial and nervous systems, which point to physical as well as mental/emotional and subconscious blocks and patterns associated with acute and chronic pain – everything from plantar fasciitis and low back pain to carpal tunnel and tension headaches – as well unhealed trauma or a disconnection between mind and body.

My clients include high performers, entrepreneurs and those already on a path of personal and spiritual evolution who want to optimize their mind body connection and fully inhabit their bodies and lives with bold authenticity.

Through my own transformation from feeling broken in every way (click here to read my full bio) to feeling totally free and alive, I developed a powerful new method that bridges personal development practices and “bodywork.”

That method is called Kinetix. Click here to read more about the method itself and see a video demonstration and testimonials. 

The Kinetix™ difference:

A powerful and long lasting result depends on identifying the root causes: physical, mental, emotional or neurological, including past traumas that haven’t been processed or released from the nervous system, fascia and psyche.

Kinetix™ is more than a bodywork method: it acts like an investigatory tool we can use together to “map” your fascial and nervous systems to find out how you’re moving through life and where you may be out of integrity, release the necessary restrictions and adhesions, interrupt unwanted neurological patterns and get you out of pain (usually quickly).


You’ll start with one initial hour-long session ($250). If you walk in with pain that’s ratable on a scale of 1-10, I expect 50-100% relief during the session or I don’t charge you. That’s my guarantee, and one reason I stand so confidently behind my work and the up-front cost.

After the first session, if you feel this work is what you’ve been looking for and you’re committed to seeing the process through to completion (head to toe pain relief and/or optimization of your fascial system), we’ll discuss whether our first priority is on the physical side (fascia release) or nervous system “typing.”

When you come for your first session I’ll get a few clues as to your nervous system wiring, or – how you’re wired to habitually react when life confronts you. Your wiring may support a very fast physical recovery in which case we don’t need to pay special attention here; OR, in the case of some people your wiring and associated nervous system patterns could be preventing you from getting a result (whether with Kinetix or any other modality, which is true in a lot of people who claim they’ve “tried everything” and still can’t find relief).

After you complete 6 sessions at $250 each, you’ll qualify for loyalty rewards and future sessions will be $200/hr.

Got questions or concerns? I’m always happy to hop on the phone with prospective new clients for 15 minutes to answer any questions you have.

Please email [email protected] to schedule an initial phone consultation.

Are you in Boulder? Work with Kinetix™ Practitioner Jason McQueen

Jason is one of my four original Kinetix students and is fully Certified as a Kinetix Practitioner. He has been using Kinetix since 2016 to help his clients with pain and mobility issues from head to toe, and he comes highly recommended by me, Elisha.

Jason was my go-to when I needed work myself while living here, and he is the one I entrusted my private practice clients to. If you’re in Boulder, Jason is the next best thing to seeing me.

Jason can help with:

  • Aches and pains from repetitive motion, physical trauma from accidents, falls and sports injuries and range of motion issues from overuse, underuse etc.
  • This includes everything from knee pain, tendonitis, low back pain, shoulder issues, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, headaches, neck pain and so much more.
  • Physical and psychological optimization for high performance – bring all of your systems into integrity, optimize your fascia, nervous system and brain<>body connection for your fast-paced lifestyle and expanding goals, whether they’re sports related, you’re in a high stakes career, or both.
  • Additionally, Jason is a veteran personal trainer with more than 18 years under his belt working with clients to lose weight, optimize their sports performance or train for events. If you have a glute activation issue (as so many people do!) or any other muscle imbalances, strength and conditioning needs etc, he can address this with you in addition to using Kinetix to solve the root problem.

CLICK HERE to schedule a Kinetix session with Jason McQueen