You can’t heal a body you hate – learn to love your body and it will love you back

YOU largely determine the environment your body exists in on the daily…what kind of environment are you creating?

Your thoughts, feelings, judgments, fears, beliefs and comparisons all play a role in what your body reflects back to you with energy (or lack thereof), pain (or lack thereof) and these things absolutely play a role in how fast (or slow) your body is to heal after illness, injury and trauma.

I remember hating my body close to every second of the day. From age 13 to age 24 my self-loathing grew every day, and it seemed like nothing I did could budge my hatred. I had horrible digestive issues that made me never want to socialize. I had systemic tension, anxiety, full bodied fear and growing pain.

When my knee pain started at age 17 and then got worse every year until I stopped running at 22 and stopped hiking at 24, I believed my body had betrayed me. I thought my body was the problem, and I just wanted to escape all that pain, discomfort and fear.

Only when I consciously directed my self-compassion and love inwards (and towards my body) did things begin to change.

If you’re struggling to love your body right now…

If you’re struggling to feel at home in your body right now…

If you feel discomfort, tension, anxiety, full bodied fear that feels like a physical prison…

First of all, you’re not alone. I think there are SO MANY people on the planet experiencing this right now…we just don’t talk about it. Or it’s labeled something like “generalized anxiety disorder” and just like that you have a psychiatric diagnosis, you’re offered a pill and all the side effects that come with it.

I believe the root of all this physical tension that leads to a battle between us and our bodies, boils down to a few key things:

  1. Unhealed trauma from childhood that’s had no outlet so it’s bottled up in your body. I can tell you from personal experience this can cause digestive issues, anxiety, systemic tension and physical pain.
  2. Resisting your feelings and pretending to be ok when you’re not.
  3. Social pressure to LOOK a certain way. When we compare ourselves and feel “less than,” we can feel shame, self-loathing, self-judgment, embarrassment, sadness, frustration…and ALL of those EMOTIONS have accompanying physical sensations that can linger in our body, especially if we trigger those feelings daily.


Starting RIGHT NOW, I want you to commit to a DAILY PRACTICE of naming at least ONE thing you LOVE about your body.

Be genuine. So if necessary, start small and start where you are. For example maybe you love your collarbones. Maybe you love your EYES. Your smile. Maybe you love that your body keeps you alive without you needing to do anything, by beating your heart and cueing you to breathe.

Speaking of – BREATHE MORE! This alone will cue relaxation and the parasympathetic response. You will instantly feel more at home in your body when you BREATHE DEEPLY!

I told myself one thing I loved about my body every day for a YEAR. It changed my life! Now I instinctively love my body every day. I still struggle with body image stuff at times, but I’m learning every day how to love the skin I’m in and all the ways my body works on my behalf humble me into self-love every time I think about it.

Please comment below with ONE THING you love about your body. Let’s get a body love chain going! Share this video with anyone who needs it. I’ll see you in the comments!

  • Ann Marie Falkman says:

    I love my heart for so faithfully beating “through thick and thin”. Powering me along thousands of bike rides, going like a steamhammer up many hills . Just calmly beating while I am asleep. Forgiving (?) me for all the times my anxiety has made it have to beat so hard…

  • Ann says:

    I love that my body carries me through the day gracefully.

  • Jessica says:

    I love that my body allows me to sing and make music with other people!

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