Your Fascia, Nervous System, Pain Questions Answered

I’m back! Thank you for all the support in August when we announced our 4 week break, and thank you to everyone who sent in questions. 

This video is a rapid fire Q&A answering the questions below:

  • Can tight fascia impact swallowing?
  • Is there a fascial release of sciatic nerve on side of top thigh? 
  • Anything you know about tongue tie I would love to hear! 
  • Can shoulder pain be related to pelvic imbalance/ tight and sore glutes?
  • I would like to know more about a chronic right side neck to shoulder tightness and a left shoulder ‘click’.
  • Do you have any tips for how to prevent fascial restriction from compression i.e sitting, side sleeping or job related. 
  • How do I get my hamstrings less stiff with fascia release techniques? 
  • Can you do more videos on healing emotional trauma and letting go?
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis healing?


Post your question below this video (on Youtube), and I’ll answer it in next month’s rapid fire Q&A. Anything related to fascia, fascia release, nervous system patterns, nervous system re-wiring, neuroplasticity, injury prevention and recovery, healing trauma…ask away!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Elisha,
    I may have some insight for the rib release, let me know what you think….
    I just had a nasty dry cough that produced a tightness in right side anterior ribs. I have been trying to release it by massaging/trigger point release for a while but it wasn’t working. The pain was a sharp stabbing pain especially when I took an in breath.
    I had an idea to work on releasing the Erector spinae groove (between erector spinae and thoracic spine around about T9).
    I lay on the yoga mat and used the massage ball to release this area. Instant relief. Definitely a fascia issue.
    In health-Sharon

  • claire beach says:

    I do all the lower body for pelvic instability but I don’t always get out of pain. If the fascia is tethered , could this be the reason why?. Also my pelvis can still be higher on the left side after doing the exercises. My QL muscles seems to be pulling on the joint. Having a feeling of being pulled up and tilted. Is there anything else I can try or just keep at it as its relatively early days compared to the amount of time the fascia has been in a state of fight or flight or a holding pattern.

  • Catherine Cooper says:

    Great to have you and Stefan back!

    Looking forward to seeing the first of the #fascianista series tomorrow!

  • Jennifer Steinback says:

    I’m overusing my lower leg muscles, mostly tibialis anterior and peroneals as stabilizers. This is likely something I’ve been doing for years and years. I’m releasing as much lower body fascia as I can right now. How do I train myself to use these muscles less, and what specific muscles should I be thinking about in order to stabilize while standing, walking? I sometimes notice a slight forward/backward rock on my feet when standing still.

  • KAREN DANCE says:

    Great to see your silly first video and have you back doing what you love.

    Ocassionally the feeling of edgy raw anxiousness throughout my nervous system . Not really pinpointed but an over all jittery agitated system. .
    Should I do a total mapping again or just go straight to a certain area?

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