Your subconscious lives in your body (understanding the human nervous system)

This is one of the MOST important videos I’ve ever released on YouTube. Your nervous system is the gatekeeper to all your results working with fascia, and if you don’t understand this (or how to work with your nervous system) then you could spin your wheels for years and not get any relief from pain or trauma.

Your nervous system has one primary goal that will trump all others. Any guesses?

Watch today’s video to discover the 6 critical roles of your nervous system, and how your wiring and nervous system patterns get created in the first place.

After watching this video I just know you’re going to have a deeper understanding of what’s driving your automated behavior, and why I am so passionate about making the unconscious inside of us conscious.

When pain shows up (or, when unhealed trauma manifests physically as pain, anxiety, digestive issues, myofascial pain syndrome etc), it’s tempting to only address the physical. However, there’s often a nervous system component and the nervous system is the master switch that controls everything.

Unaddressed nervous system patterns are the #1 reason my clients don’t get lasting results from fascia release.

I call the nervous system “the gatekeeper” – because, in a beautiful show of love for you, your body is holding you accountable to address what is hidden there before allowing you to level up physically, mentally or spiritually. This is part of nature’s checks and balances, ensuring that each of us metabolizes the past fully before moving on.

Did you watch the video? Which aspect of the nervous system do you think might be playing a role in your current journey to find more freedom? Share your thoughts below!

  • Kim says:

    Hi Elisha
    I am so grateful to my personal trainer who referred me to your videos. She has been using some of your fascia release techniques to help me with my shoulder problems. After months of limited success, I talked to her about the inner tension I have been carrying around in my stomach and upper body for years. This is when she recommended Mobility Mastery. After watching a couple of your videos I started crying because I think this is my path to finally addressing what has been going on within me for nearly 10 yrs. I will commit to regularly watching your videos and hope you will be running more on-line classes that I can sign-up for.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  • Jordan says:

    So glad I was led to you Elisha! I had such an “A Ha!” moment when you said that the “fascia has its own pain receptors” and that ‘fascia can contract independent of muscle to protect you”. I finally understood that the source of my chronic pain and the way out it is through KINETIX Fascia work.
    You mention the Fight – Flight – Freeze reaction of the nervous system. There is a fourth mode – Collapse Mode, where your nervous system, when triggered, will instantly switch you off causing you to black out, fall and get injured. This is the most extreme form of PTSD, the ultimate survival setting “your body would rather you be in pain than dead”. I have been navigating through life in this mode with gumption, faith, willpower and chronic, unrelenting pain. I feel HOPE that I have finally found a solution.
    Deep Gratitude for you and your work Elisha!

    • Hi Jordan – I’m so glad you’re here! Aren’t those “A ha!” moments AWESOME? I feel really happy to hear you had such a powerful one with this video. I’m sorry to hear about your PTSD. I want to invite you to a free training I’m doing right now (for a limited time only), because I think you will love it and it will only be available until the 19th. We just got started though, so you haven’t missed anything. You can go here to register: https://mobilitymastery.com/fascia-the-key-to-mind-body-freedom-mini-course/

      • Jordan says:

        Thank you Elisha, I’ve already watched the first video of your new course 3 times!
        And I’m working my way through your other videos and blogs as well. Just received my RAD ROLLER too. I am an eager student.

  • Monique says:

    Thank you Elisha for these very informative videos. They are really adding to my understanding of how our emotions are stored in our fascia. To Judy Walker I just wanted to let you know there is also a very effective modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques, also know as EFT tapping which involves applying acupressure on meridian points on the face and upper torso. This technique really helps to get the traumatic issues out of the tissues.

  • Gloria Gardner says:

    Elisha, Thank you so much for this information about the nervous system. I am currently in somatic therapy and eager to learn as much as possible about how to release trauma and pain. There is a bible verse that says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” I believe this ties in with what you said about SURVIVAL. I am so glad you have discovered some knowledge that has helped you. With love, Gloria

  • Ana Jovanović says:

    thank you Elisha!
    thanks for sharing this knowledge- one can feel it is your deep experience and thats why it is so great!
    i totaly agree with you with all this connection- and it is interesting how I started looking your videos just with couriosity, but now I need help!
    two days ago I was with friends on a meadow and we were pulling a rope, and in the evening of that day mu back collapsed! I felt so mauch pain i couldnt move. I feel this on my low back, like spazms that bring pain in low back, and even hiher through left scapula to neck.
    so i am in pain and restriction – and I need to go on a journey if my life in ( days!
    . And I feel it ic connected to my child trauma, when I was fallen down from grat hight and was so injoured I couldnt move and though I wont be able to move ever8 i was alone then- few hours after i was ok since I remember, but i didnt mention this to grown ups) I know how deep this fealing went and how much it cost me in different levels- this feeling i cant move and I am helpless…
    So, somehow I feel now it is time to clear that, but i dont know how can iIsupport my body in this.. Do you have any suggestion of what to do?

    • Hi Ana – thank you for sharing, and reaching out for help! Are you watching my free mini course that is happening right now? I think you’ll find a lot of great information there in addition to what I might share here. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do that here: https://mobilitymastery.com/fascia-the-key-to-mind-body-freedom-mini-course/

      Working with trauma in the body isn’t a simple ABC formula. My best recommendation is to join my course Mind Body Breakthrough the next time it’s available, which will be SOON! This week in fact (and it’s the only time I am opening it this year). That course walks you through identifying ALL of your unconscious patterns, how to make sense of the body aspect and the sensations/emotions your body gives you when you try to work with it for healing, and how to approach your fascia by going through the nervous system first.

      You will have to go through the Gatekeeper, your nervous system, to make changes in the fascia. That is the best advice I can give without the chance to guide you step by step (which I could do inside one of my courses). I am rooting for you and wishing you healing and freedom!

      • Beanluc says:

        Elisha, did we miss the chance to sign up for Mind Body Breakthrough? I haven’t seen it listed among Courses this week. Thank you!

        • Hi! We JUST opened enrollment to all the courses TODAY. Yay! They will be open for enrollment until June 19th. Here’s the link to learn more and sign up: https://mobilitymastery.mykajabi.com/how-to-create-mind-body-freedom

          I would love to have you join! We’ve already had dozens of people enroll, and some are already inside and commenting on Mind Body Breakthrough. You’ll see on the course descriptions page that we’re offering Fascia Release 101 (a self help course) and the Kinetix Partner Fascia Release course. If you join either, you get Mind Body Breakthrough as a bonus gift.

  • Judy Walker says:

    I love your blogs and videos. I am beginning to trust that our bodies are our biggest teachers. They communicate through emotion and pain and I believe there’s definitely a spiritual component there as well. “Bringing the subconscious to consciousness” is the first step. Noticing our over-the-top reactions to situations that without the previously installed trigger switch, would not produce such a strong reaction. For me, it’s the fear of trusting those closest to me to be telling the truth. I’m always doubting their honesty. I know this comes from a deep distrust that was installed in childhood when my parents lied to me about escaping my homeland and told me instead we were going on vacation. When the truth finally emerged in the refugee camp in Austria, I was devastated to realize all the people I loved, I’d likely never see again. Terrifying for a 12-year old.

    So my body, at 52, is communicating with me through messages of pain and emotions. I’m listening now, but lack the knowledge of how to heal myself.

    I’m hoping with your help, I’ll be able to learn more and get out of pain.

    Thank you,

    Judy ,

    • Wow Judy. Thank you for sharing. What you’re saying makes perfect sense to me. That experience sounds scary and confusing. You’ll hear some of my trauma story in video #3 of the free training, and I believe everything you’ll learn in addition will help to shed light. I’m so happy you’ve found me and I believe you can absolutely heal all of this – body, nervous system, heart and spirit – and find freedom. XO Elisha

  • Micha says:

    You are such a sweet and authentic teacher- it flows natural and holistic-I wish i had you as a teacher when i was in school:D gratitude from Denmark ???????? Keep doing what you love!!

  • Vicky says:

    Hi Linda,
    You don’t sound silly at all. I was entranced by this last video as it ties in everything I have been researching since my body started shaking internally last year. As this beautiful lady says, our body remembers everything…..I just need to work out how to discharge all this ‘rubbish’ that has come to surface and which my body is shouting to get rid of!
    Back to you, I use my mantra ‘ I am safe, calm and strong’ whevever my nervous system is triggered. I will also use the subconscious safety switch technique in this video!
    Thank you ladies!
    Warm wishes

    • Thanks for sharing some of your process Vicky, and for being an encourager and supporter of others here as well!

  • A great video encouraging proactive participation in our interesting inner thought life. It sounds silly but I talk to my amygdala telling it we’re safe when it’starts a “fearful” response that doesn’t serve my needs. I am resetting my default settings…????! This video was an awesome help.

    Thanks for each of your videos. I treasure your input and that you share yourself and your experiences.

    Warm Regards,


    • You’re welcome Linda! Thank YOU for being here and sharing some of your process. It doesn’t sound silly to me at all 🙂

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